Vacationing with Kids? Explore the Best Apps

Justin N. Froyd - Oct 29, 2012
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These days, when people go on vacations, they rely on their smartphones to help them find their way around a particular place. Whether it is about finding a nice hotel, translating signs or simply revealing differences between different time zones, your smartphone can be a very helpful tool if you are visiting a new place, especially if you decide to bring along your kids.

These apps can help educate your kids about the places they visit, how to find their way around a particular area, how to read a map and how to adapt to new surroundings. So for those of you who want to go on vacation with your children, here are some apps that you should be familiar with. These apps are available on iPhone, but you can get similar apps through Android smartphones as well.

Tripit – If you are looking for something to help you organize your travel itinerary then this is the app you are looking for. You can use Tripit to organize plane flights, car rentals, hotel accommodation, and any other activity that you would like to do while on vacation. You can also use it to organize addresses, arrival and departure times, contact information and websites.

The Night Sky – Even in today it helps to know a thing or two about constellations. If you want to go out camping in places like the Australian Outback, where there are no city lights, identifying all the right constellations is not only fun, it can also be extremely useful.

Google Maps – When you are visiting a new city, knowing which street you are in can be very important information, particularly if you can't read the street signs. In addition to giving you vital information, Google Maps also updates itself as you move around the town, which basically means that you can use it even while you ride trams or buses. And since you keep receiving real time information, you will have fewer problems getting off at the right stops.

Currency Converter – Money is always important when you go abroad. Even if you know how to convert currency in your head, you still need to remember that conversion rates change all the time. With the Currency Converter app, you can convert the local currency into your home currency, and vice versa. This app is particularly important if you plan to use an ATM in the country that you are visiting.

Foreign Language Dictionary App – A foreign dictionary app is not only useful, in many cases, it is also a necessity. Whether it is ordering a local dish, or reading street signs, translating the local language into English and vice versa is always important. You can also use Ultralingua dictionaries to sort out German, Italian and French translations.

Free Wi-Fi – In certain countries, you can't expect to get free Wi-Fi in your hotel. So if you already have a Wi-Fi app on your iPhone, you won't have to worry about that particular problem.
Flashlight App – If you plan to go camping, having a portable and efficient source of light is always handy. So whether you are in a tent in the middle of nowhere or trying to take a good look at some old ruins, a flashlight app is always a handy thing to have around.

Topo Maps App (US) – Topo maps is another app that is extremely handy if you are hiking or fishing in hinterlands of the United States. It can also help you look for interesting scenery and ideal camping trails. This app can be downloaded for free, so you don't have to worry about costs. Any and all USGS topographic maps are designed for the U.S.

London Unlocked – If you are visiting London then this is an app that you should definitely bring along, especially if you want to have fun with the kids. London Unlocked is full of useful tips on where to find interesting activities and exciting places to visit. The app also includes "must see" places, along with maps, and all the pertinent information you need to get there. London Unlocked will also offer you information on how to lower your costs, find the nearest subway stops and fascinating facts about London's numerous hotspots.

A to B Distance Calculator App – If you want a road trip with the kids then this is the app to bring along. All you need to do is enter your point of departure and your point of destination, and you will be given information on the distance (displayed in miles or kilometers) and the estimated drive time for your entire trip.

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