Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2012

Oct 29, 2012

Dear readers

November is here together with falling leaves and chilly mornings. Tourism Review Online Magazine invites you to explore the city of emperors – the snowy St. Petersburg. No matter if you travel low on budget or want to experience the luxury of tsars, the city has it all. Open the Destination supplement. For pilgrims we once again focus on faith tours around the world presenting Indian Tirupati as well as religious cruises. Read the Ethical part.

A couple of surprises await the readers of the Heritage supplement focusing on unknown destinations. Family travel is the theme of the Professional part offering among other things a number of apps perfect for your next holiday with the little ones. Divers will love the Adventure part presenting the top dives. Enjoy the issue!

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Where on Earth Is That?

Chris Grad

- Oct 29, 2012

Destinations are boasting about the number of tourists visiting them every year. However, some places see travelers in much lower numbers. Explore destinations that are less known, even unknown to general public, yet they offer remarkable heritage and sights.

PROFESSIONAL/ Have Fun! Travel with Kids

William Law

- Oct 29, 2012

Holiday with kids can be truly fun. Discover the latest trends in family travel, the best apps you need when on the road and the best destinations you should explore with your children.

ETHICAL/ Faith Tourism - Rich Religious Heritage

Wayne M. Gore

- Oct 29, 2012

Faith is an important part of many people’s lives. Faith tourism is growing in popularity. Discover a couple of places with spiritual value – Tirupati temple in India, hotels with religious past, or even faith based cruises.