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Holiday with kids can be truly fun. Discover the latest trends in family travel, the best apps you need when on the road and the best destinations you should explore with your children.


Family and Kids Travel – Current Trends

Pat Hyland

The tourism industry stakeholders persistently study the behavior and preferences of families on vacations. What are the popular activities, what are the likes and dislikes – the family market is an important force within tourism shaping the services on offer. Latest Trends in Family Travel Mixed Generation Traveling Nowadays, families often go on vacation in a group comprising of the grandparents, parents and their kids. You may find yourself on a holiday with your kid or your grandparent....

Pools Rule in a Study of Family Vacations

Justin N. Froyd

Pools and water activities are the most important element of a family resort vacation, followed by spacious and potentially adjoining guest rooms, according to the latest Hilton Blue Paper - "Resort Travel Trends: What Families Want." The study explores top destinations along with the needs and preferences of parents and kids when it comes to family vacations. Hilton finds an increased interest in all-inclusive resorts, with 92 percent of U.S. parents and 95 percent of U.K. parents polled at ...

10 Travel Apps for Vacationing with Kids

Justin N. Froyd

These days, when people go on vacations, they rely on their smartphones to help them find their way around a particular place. Whether it is about finding a nice hotel, translating signs or simply revealing differences between different time zones, your smartphone can be a very helpful tool if you are visiting a new place, especially if you decide to bring along your kids. These apps can help educate your kids about the places they visit, how to find their way around a particular area, how to...

Best Holiday Destinations for Kids

Justin N. Froyd

Often people are flummoxed when it comes to selecting perfect holiday destinations for kids. The choice of any spot should be done in a way that it excites and entertains everyone in the family. With kids around one should also take into consideration the climatic and geographical conditions of the place. The spot should be well connected by all the means of transports available to make travel with kids easy. Everyone on the tour should enjoy to the fullest and no one should be bored especially ...