The Latest Trends in Family Travel

Pat Hyland - Oct 29, 2012
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The tourism industry stakeholders persistently study the behavior and preferences of families on vacations. What are the popular activities, what are the likes and dislikes – the family market is an important force within tourism shaping the services on offer.

Latest Trends in Family Travel
Mixed Generation Traveling

Nowadays, families often go on vacation in a group comprising of the grandparents, parents and their kids. You may find yourself on a holiday with your kid or your grandparent. It is not uncommon for parents to take their just-graduated kids for holiday as well.

Kid-friendly Activities

Long time ago, parents used to leave the children in the house with a baby sitter because the destinations did not have activities that would keep the kids busy all day. To adapt to latest travel trends, resorts and hotels have set up many kid activities to keep them occupied as the parents go for shopping or head out for other activities.

The Tiny Traveler

The travel industry has come up with different adventures that will cater for different ages, interests and costs. Your kid can now go for an adventure under close monitoring by an experienced guide. Do you have pre-schoolers who cannot be left behind? Travel providers give you a suitable environment for you to leave them under the care of qualified staff.

Experience at All Costs

Families visiting many places realize the value of getting the most out of the destination before they go back. They will not mind adding more money to get the experience they want. These travelers also don't let any opportunity to give back to the community pass them by.

Stay Fit

Many travelers are going on vacation with the knowledge that they will get time to hike or ride bikes and thus keep fit. During the vacation, they will prefer to wake up early and watch the rising sun rather than sleep till late. Swimming pools nowadays are not just a statement of prestige, they are used mainly to keep the body healthy and fit.

Health Is Wealth

Chefs all over the destinations are recognizing the demands from parents for healthy food for their kids. This has made them include healthy food choices for the kids on their menus.

All in One Package

You now don't have to move to a different location to play golf, swim or go for horseback riding. These are now available at the hotel or resort you are staying at. Rooms come with internet access, gaming devices and even cinema theatres for your enjoyment.

Keeping in Touch

Whether you are in your room in a hotel, on a cruise or in an airplane, you definitely know that internet and Wi-Fi technology is vital. It has been reported in a recent Sheraton Survey that social media is used by more than 60% of travelers to communicate with family and friends while on vacation. Many people find it easier to logon and send an email rather than call family at home.

With this in mind, the hotels and resorts have taken care to install internet and Wi-Fi in their rooms. Some resorts have installed tracking systems in their tickets so that they can monitor their movement. Some airlines have gone ahead to provide in-flight access to the internet and mobile phone signals to enable their customers to communicate easily. Many mobile phone apps have been developed that enable you to text your loved one and update them on your progress.

Travel Conveniently

Tired of changing flights twice or more before you reach your destination? Worry no more, travel opportunities are now available for you to travel direct to your holiday destination. This reduces the chances of losing luggage and also fatigue.

Is There a Coupon?

Before a family travels to their destination, they usually try and see whether there are any coupons on multiple websites. These will be used to get discounts from the travel provider. Some use the given provider loyally with the hope of getting a discount. Many marketers are offering cheaper arrangements to attract more customers.

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