China: Discover the Chengyang Village

Andrea Hausold - Oct 29, 2012
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Chengyang Village is part of the heartbeat of China, despite its anonymity factor. It is rife with fun-filled activities that are made to entertain individuals of all kind. The setting of the village gives the atmospheric feeling of calmness and peace. Luscious fields and sparking rivers are the foundation of this gorgeous place and all that it has to offer. It is a delightful place for tourists looking to find an inspiring destination to relish the culture of China.

The Wind-and-Rain Bridge

This is one of the more famed bridges within the area and in the country. The bridge's design has an alluring feel to it because of its covered nature. Immediately, the bridge gives off the familiar 'Chinese' atmosphere based on the inclusion of various pavilions. It has five pavilions lined across its length and is visible from afar.

The bridge is not only encompassed with pavilions, but has other features as well. The bridge is listed to have 19 verandas, 3 piers, 4 spans and 3 floors. There is a unique aspect about the bridge's floors that make it special. The three floors are made without any use of nails to hold them together. This might seem dangerous, but the design of the bridge is as secure as any other design in the world.

The Village 'Drum Room'

This is where all of the 'get together' activities occur as people enjoy each other's company over drinks. Most of the local men visit this particular room in order to hang out and converse with each other. It is a hot spot for those interested in meeting new people and getting a feel of the Chinese culture.

The drum room is not only for drinking, but also for enjoying oneself over a game of cards. The local men are always welcoming to tourists and are willing to play a game with you. This can be amusing as they attempt to learn more about the tourists who visit. This social exchange can be a great method to break the ice and learn more about what China has to offer.

Dong Minority Cultural Show

Party time cannot occur without some sort of show for the tourists. This is a must see for those looking to grasp everything 'Chinese' and learn more about the nation. The shows are held in the center of the Chengyang Village and are marvelous spectacles. There is a specially designed outdoor stage established for the performances to take place on. These shows are held during the morning hours, all the way into the afternoon. They are wonderful exhibits of the local flavor. There is a lot of bustling around as a variety of people look to entertain the tourists. These shows are splendid to watch especially for those that have never seen outdoor entertainment in China.

Hiking in the Mountains

Chengyang Village sits close to mountains. Hiking tours can provide wonderful experience. Some of the animals on site are unique to the place. These hikes are built around specific circuits that can be hours long. If one is committed, the length of the hike can be as long as seven hours. The mountains are vast in size and take a while to hike on. This is what makes the entire premise of hiking in these mountains interesting and unique.

How to Get into Chengyang Village?

Tourists will not have troubles finding their way into the village. Sanjiang West has various buses that leave throughout the day to the village. These buses are inexpensive, but they can take long to reach the destination. There are faster routes through nearby 'minivan' services, but these can be dangerous on the narrow roads.

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