ADVENTURE/ Go Deeper for Breathtaking Dives

Diving is growing in popularity among tourists young and old. Explore the top diving sites around the world, visit Roatán in Honduras or Musandam in Oman.


Top 10 Best Dive Sites in the World

Sara Thopson

Experienced divers or beginners – they are always on the lookout for interesting dive sites. announced their list of the best dive spots categorized according to the visibility, attractiveness, life of the fish and in general the experience of diving. SS Yongala Wreck This is the top rated wreck dive all over the world. The Yongala steamer is 110 meters long and in 1911 during a hurricane it was sunk near Townsville. It was discovered later in 1958 in Australia and is now the mo...

Dive Deeper in the Kelp Forest of Monterey Bay

Tourism Review News Desk

Monterey Bay is absolutely one of the best places in California not just for giant redwood trees but also for its extraordinary underwater kelp forest. There are actually two species of giant kelp which can be found in the Monterey. They are the bull kelp or neriocystis and giant kelp or the macroystis pyifere. The lifespan of the bull kelp can actually last for just a year while the giant kelp can live for several years. Divers would easily know if the site in the forest has calm waters if t...

Oman: The Perks of Diving in Musandam

Richard Moor

Musandam is acknowledged for its invigorating drift diving. Drop offs encrusted with coral are immersed to great depth and many pelagic visitors are attracted by the swift currents. For experienced divers who are in search of a special dive destination, diving in Musandam is perfect. The United Arab Emirates separates the Musandam peninsula from the rest of Oman. Geographically, the area is distinguished by great mountains that fall scenically into the sea. The coastline itself is carved into...

Discover the Living Coral Reef of the Roatán Island

Dan Rang

If you are looking forward to visiting a location that will allow you to experience an exciting and exotic vacation, you can go to Roatán Island in Honduras. This is a stunning island which is located off the coast of Honduras and it is the largest Bay Island in the country. It is about 30 miles long and 1 to 3 miles wide. Roatán Island vacation is attractive to all kinds of travelers especially because it is the most developed island in the country. There are numerous readily available and s...