Diving at the Roatán Island – Adventure for Everyone

Dan Rang - Oct 29, 2012
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If you are looking forward to visiting a location that will allow you to experience an exciting and exotic vacation, you can go to Roatán Island in Honduras. This is a stunning island which is located off the coast of Honduras and it is the largest Bay Island in the country. It is about 30 miles long and 1 to 3 miles wide.

Roatán Island vacation is attractive to all kinds of travelers especially because it is the most developed island in the country. There are numerous readily available and secluded beaches and some of the popular activities that tourists enjoy include swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Roatán Island has the world's second largest reef system and this means that divers and snorkelers have a great opportunity to enjoy the finest sites just mere minutes from the shore.

Scuba diving in this island is a spectacular experience because the waters offer a great diversity of marine life, corals and sponges. The marine life that you can see when scuba diving includes banded coral shrimp, arrow crabs, seahorses, garden eels, spotted eels, dolphins, whales, octopuses and hammerheads among many other creatures.

How Much It Costs

The economy of this island is sustained by fishing and tourism activities and is equipped to meet the desires of all divers. If you are a backpacker-diver, you can rent gear from the operator of your choice on the West End village of the Roatán Island. Most of these operators charge reasonable prices which range at about 25 to 35 dollars per dive. They usually lower the prices after their customers take several dives.

There are different dive boats available. An example is the open ponga boats, which hold less than 6 divers. They usually sail close to the islands west end. Larger boats are also available and they access sites that are more remote.


It is completely safe to participate in diving activities in Roatán Island. Dive computers and Nitrox are widely available and most shops offer scuba diving courses. These courses range from resort courses to instructor development and drive master courses. Doctors who specialize in dive medicine are also available on the island. One resort where you can find such doctors is Anthony's Key Resort.

Why Is Roatán Unique?

The first thing that makes Roatán's diving unique is the water, whose visibility is 60 to 100 feet on most days. Its temperature ranges from 78 to 84 degrees throughout the year. This island is the peak of an underwater mountain range known as the Bonacca Ridge. A living coral reef, which contains almost every species of corals that grow in the Caribbean Sea, surrounds it on all sides.

Dive Sites

Some of the most popular dive sites in this island include the following: Las Rocas Resort and Dive Center, which is located at the West Bay; Tranquilseas Eco Lodge and Dive Center, which is located at the Sandy Bay; Turquoise Bay Dive and Beach Resort/Subway Watersports, at Milton Bight; Mayan Princess Beach and Dive Resort/Mayan Divers at the West Bay; Anthony's Key Resort at the Sandy Bay; CoCo View Resort at the French Bay.

Other Attractions and Activities

The other activities that you can engage in when visiting Roatán Island include horseback riding and fishing. You can also visit the Roatán museum. The Half Moon Bay on this island, which is often referred to as Gringo Central offers a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. The street that runs along this bay has shops, hotels, restaurants and bars, which are very affordable.

If you want to engage in serious underwater exploration, you can participate in the Stanley submarine adventure. There are many options offered including dives to underwater canyons and overnight baiting trips among others. You can also choose to hire a rental car and use it to visit remote beaches, flower farms and local villages.

The other attraction that you can visit in Roatán Island is Yubu where you can learn about the history of the Garifuna people, their arrival to Honduras and their descendants. You will get to experience the songs, dance styles and music of the people. Another popular attraction on this island is the Butterfly Garden, which has about two hundred butterflies and twenty different butterfly species native to Honduras. With all these attractions and activities, a vacation at the Roatán Island will leave you feeling refreshed.

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