DESTINATION/ Saint Petersburg - The Imperial Capital of Russia

Discover St. Petersburg and many of its faces. Travel on budget and explore its literary museums. Welcome to the Russian capital of culture.


Saint Petersburg’s Top Landmarks

James Morris

If you are visiting Saint Petersburg for the first time, then you better be prepared to have fun. The city boasts of 200 parks and gardens and over 100 museums. Popular Museums and Palaces St Petersburg is home to famous museums all over the world and a good example is the Hermitage Museum. Founded in 1764, this museum is home to famous pieces of art that mainly focuses on the ancient Egypt and the 20th century. The museum also includes the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and other famous person...

Tips: How to Travel St. Petersburg on Budget

Tourism Review News Desk

St. Petersburg is among the most populous cities in Russia, with about 5 million people. Most Russians consider St. Petersburg as the country's cultural capital. In fact, you will find numerous theaters, galleries and museums in the city. Read along and discover some tips on how to travel St. Petersburg on budget. Famous Tourist Destinations The Palace Square is the initial stop of many people who visit St. Petersburg. You will be amazed at the grand architectural ensemble and impressive faç...

Imperial Estates near St. Petersburg

Pat Hyland

No visit to St. Petersburg is complete without a trip to at least one of the world-famous Imperial palaces in the city's suburbs. A showcase for the wealth and tastes of the Emperors of Russia from Peter the Great onwards, these extraordinary estates boast sumptuous palaces, extensive landscape gardens, and a treasury of art and history. It is debatable which estate takes preeminence – Tsarskoe Selo or Peterhof – but all of them have unique attractions and charms, so it is well worth...

Literary Tours: Around the City with a Book in Mind

William Law

A visit to St. Petersburg is full of exciting destinations for a literary tourist. The city, which has witnessed so many historical incidents, also holds an important place in the lives of many eminent Russian authors and poets. The tourists, who travel to St. Petersburg frequently, cannot stop raving about the multitude of legendary treats offered by the city. Nestling apartments, houses and mansions of the venerated authors, St. Petersburg is the ultimate place for the travelers to explore....