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Travelers equipped with smartphones and tablets have more and more apps available that make their life on the road easier. Discover the features of popular travel apps designed for business travelers, frequent flyers or common holidaymakers.


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Most Useful Apps for Business Travelers

Anna Luebke

Today there are numerous apps claiming helpful features for travelers that don't quite deliver what is needed. The vast majority of app-junkies are aware of the well-known apps including WiFi Finder, Gate and Seat Guru, and TripIt. However, the real question stands – Is there anything new out there that can be of great help for travelers? Even though 2013 wasn't the most revolutionary year of all, one can find a few apps that can be of much assistance to the average business traveler. Hipmunk...
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Jetpac City Guides – Ranking Destinations through Photos

Dan Rang

Do you love to travel? Are you the aspiring backpacker? If yes to both questions, you should know that traveling can be made more exciting these days with the integration of certain handheld apps. One of the biggest hits for that matter would be Jetpac City Guides. New and Improved Jetpac In this modern day, having a smartphone is a common thing, may it be for students, office junkies, businessmen and many other types of people. For the most part, travelers are really hooked into the differe...
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Most Popular Travel Apps among Frequent Flyers

Bill Alen

Airline travel has evolved drastically since the internet became available, less than two decades ago you could only book airline tickets by calling the airline representative or a travel agent. Today you can book flights on your computer, tablet, and even your smartphone. Airline travel has also been made easier with the invention of travel apps people can download to their smartphone or tablets. The apps help alert travelers to flight changes like cancellations and delays, some help people fi...
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TripIt: Popular App Planning Your Trips

Daniel A. Tanner

TripIt is a useful trip planner and widely used travel app. There are two versions of TripIt; one is free and the other is Tripit Pro, which costs $49 a year. In order to sign up for the free version of this app, all you need to do is to simply visit the official website of the app and enter the email address, and password. You have the option to use TripIt in its online version only, but to enjoy all the benefits, you are recommended to download the app to your tablet, or mobile phone. When ...