Gregory Dolgos - May 23, 2011
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Business travelers are in need of applications with updated information about their business trips. Complex solutions were discussed at a business travel conference in Berlin.

What the business travelers need today is constant access to all important information concerning their business trip. This was one of the main points highlighted at the Spring Mobility and Travel Management Conference that took place in Berlin on 12-13 May. About 250 business travel planners and other stakeholders discussed here the current needs of the industry focusing on travel apps.

Proper data collecting is quite necessary not only for the business traveler but also the travel manager who can use the apps for traveler tracking or counting the total travel expenses.

Mobile services and social media were one of the central themes of the conference in Berlin, reported Passengers more and more communicate via social networks. The travel manager has therefore to become an integrated communication consultant able to use the social media.

“Globalization, alliances, additional fees, rates of new models and mobile services are now the challenges for every tour manager. The business travel sector is more unpredictable as ever,” said Dirk Gerdes, the president of the German Business Travel Association (VDR).

Availability makes flexibility, according to Gerdes.  A linked mobility network for private and business trips is thus an ideal solution to stay all the time in touch, updated and mobile.

The current situation calls for modern software solutions that can represent all additional fees and enhance the communication with passengers.

Another topic highlighted at the conference was the importance of education for business managers. According to VDR, it is quite essential for the travel managers and other staff to get proper qualification to be able to orientate in the available solutions.

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