Theodore Slate - Nov 22, 2010
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The regular survey among German business people done by the German Travel Management Association has shown that the approach to business travels is changing for better. More and more people are willing to spend money on business travels.


According to a survey done among members of the German Travel Management Association (VDR) and published on the server, business people in Germany are ready to travel more again. The survey continuously follows the effects of the economic crisis on the market and business.

More than 80% of the respondents are prepared to travel again which is positive news for business travel for the autumn season 2010. Nevertheless, two thirds of the respondents are still very careful with their expenses. Nearly 18% of them have not changed the measures they established during the economic crisis and are not prepared to spend more than in 2009.

About 8% of the respondents claim that they are still not prepared to do more than only the necessary travels. However, when asked the same question in February 2010, 11% of respondents gave positive answer, and in October 2009 it was 22%. Thus, there is a steady decline of those who are not ready to embark on business travels again.

According to Dirk Gerdom, the president of the VDR, when businesses are able to find and use hidden savings, it proves the ability of tourism industry to adapt to the situation. However, airlines and hotels should not be aiming at the level of sales they had before the crisis. They are able to attract more guests but in the end, they will have less money for each guest because of the recent crisis. Such trend is quite common in the tourism industry.

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