Cecilia Garland - Dec 20, 2010
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The smallest hotel in the world is an ideal place for a wedding night. It is in Germany and has almost a three-hundred-year-old tradition.


Newlyweds who spend their wedding night in the tiny Eh´Häusl hotel in German Amberg will live happily ever after, even if they get divorced. This is at least what the legend in this medieval town says.

According to, newlyweds can try it for themselves once again these days. The nearly three-hundred-year-old hotel has recently been renovated and transformed into a five star hotel. It is, however, so small that it can host only one couple. The owners claim that it is the smallest hotel in the world. The red building in the historic part of the town is only 2.5 meters wide and the living area is 53 square meters.

The house was built in 1728 after the local councilors decided that couples could get married only when they had certain property. A local citizen decided he would help those in love. He came up with the idea how to evade the law and made it possible for couples to get married even if they did not have their own house. He built a very small and cheap house that even the poor could afford to buy, at least for a short period of time. They bought it, got married, moved in for a while and then sold it to another couple who wanted to get married.

Even nowadays many couples want to spend their wedding night there. A night in the supposedly smallest hotel in the world is 240 Euro, breakfast included. They can also enjoy a whirlpool tub and an open fireplace. Guests say it is a unique experience because in other hotels you are one among many while at Eh´Häusl you are the only ones.

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