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Germany attracts thousands of tourists every year, and not only for its mountains and lakes or historical buildings. The country is also quite a popular destination for shoppers. In a research Kemers's Jones Lang LaSalle, a renowned real estate company, counted the number of visitors in 170 German shopping streets on Saturday between 1pm-2pm, the busiest hour of the week. What are the most visited streets? brings you the top 10 busiest shopping streets in Germany published by

10/ Ludgeristraße, Мюнстер

Ludgeristraße with its 9,390 shoppers counted there by the researchers is the tenth busiest street in Germany. The place is ideal for a freaky shopping afternoon since you can find a range of unique shops as well as cafes there. The street is naturally quite popular not only among the locals but also tourists.

9/ Mönckebergstraße, Hamburg

Mönckebergstraße is one of the two Hamburg’s streets that made it to the list. 10,275 pedestrians were counted there. Mönckebergstraße together with Spitaler Straße are the main shopping streets in the city. The street is situated in the city centre. Since 1909 cars and buses have been going along the street so if you are looking for a peaceful pedestrian zone, you should better go to the Spitaler Straße. Various shops, boutiques and cafes are to be found there.

8/ Hohe Straße, Cologne

Hohe Straße in Cologne is number eight on the list – 10,350 passers-by were counted there during the research. The street is 680 m long and runs between the Wallrafplatz and the street of Hohe Pforte. The origin of the street goes back to ancient Roman times and nowadays, it is one of the busiest streets in Germany. The variety of goods – both common as well as luxurious – is amazing.

7/ Kirchgasse, Wiesbaden

Kirchgasse with its 10,500 visitors is number seven of the top shopping street list. Together with the Langgasse, it is the most famous shopping street in the city. The name (die Kirche means church in English) comes from the Mauritiuskirche that used to stay there but burned down in 1850. Nowadays, there is the Mauritius Square on the site of the former church. The rents are about 130 EUR per square meter, which makes them the second most expensive after Frankfurt in Hessen.

6/ Karolinenstraße, Nurnberg

10,700 pedestrians were counted on the street on Saturday afternoon. The Karolinenstraße is located in the Lorenzer Old Town and is currently the best known shopping street of the city. It is also the part of a pedestrian zone and as such represents a perfect place not only for shoppers but also for families with small kids who can look forward to various attractions.

5/ Spitaler Straße, Hamburg

With 10,925 shoppers Spitaler Straße in Hamburg is the fifth busiest street in the country. It is one of the top shopping addresses in Hamburg. The pedestrian zone runs parallel to the Mönckebergstraße which is also on our list. The street is empty only when the shops are closed since, as the locals say, shopping there is simply fun!

4/ Königstraße, Stuttgart

Königstraße was founded in 1806 and is 1.2 km long. It is the fourth busiest street in Germany (11,180 visitors). It starts at the city railway station called Hauptbahnhof in German (Arnulf-Klett-Platz) and runs as a pedestrian zone southwest to the Rotebühlplatz (city center). In the middle of the street there is the Schloßplatz (Palace Square) with the New and Old Palace and Museum of Art Stuttgart. Stuttgart Stock Exchange has its seat there as well.

3/ Schildergasse, Cologne

12,115 pedestrians were counted in Schildergasse in Cologne. That makes the street the number three in the TOP 10. The street is 500 meters long and stretches between Neumarkt and Hohen Straße. The origin of the street goes back to the times of ancient Rome. Haus Mirrweiler, Goldhofapotheke (pharmacy) and Antonienkirche (church) are the most interesting sights there. The main department stores of the city are to be found there as well.

2/ Zeil, Frankfurt

Zeil with 12,940 passers-by per hour is the second most visited shopping street in Germany. The street offers something for everyone. The Zeilgalerie, the largest shopping centre on Zeil, which was opened in 1992, has 10 stories and a unique spiral shaped interior, so you can walk the stories without using stairs or escalators. If you are keen on shopping, Zeil is without doubt the right choice for you.

1/ Kaufingerstraße, Munich

Kaufingerstraße, founded in 1239, is one of the oldest streets in Munich. Together with Neuhauser Straße, it belongs to the most popular shopping street in the city. The Kaufingerstraße borders on the west with Marienplatz and ends at the intersection Färbergraben / Augustinerstraße. 14,130 passers-by were counted to go through the street during the busiest hour, which makes Kaufingersraße the most visited shopping street in Germany.

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