Dan Rang - Jun 6, 2011
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Tablets are growing in popularity and the year 2011 is considered as the year of tablet computers by the experts. People use them for web browsing, reading e-mails and e-books, watching movies and playing games. published top 5 travel apps for tablet computers. Brought to you by


Australian company NetStart provides the restaurateurs with a new generation of interactive menus on iPad designed precisely for restaurants and catering companies. The application called MenuPad replaces the paper menu. Customers can consult the menu accompanied by photos and can order directly from the device.


The NYCWay application works not only on iPad but also on iPhone, Android or Blackberry. It includes a great amount of information useful for the visitors of New York City such as the location of the nearest public toilets, schedule of events, or public transport time table. NYCWay is thus useful not only for tourists or newcomers but also for permanent residents. NYCWay was launched by MyCityWay and the City of New York.

Brooklyn Museum

Last fall the Brooklyn Museum wanted to provide its visitors with as much information about its artists as possible. To achieve this, the museum decided to launch the application WikiPop, that associates the content from Wikipedia with the artists whose work is on display in the museum at that time – all this is available via iPad. The use of tablet PC in the gallery allows the visitors not only to view the information, but also to comment on articles, which adds an interactive dimension to the exhibitions.

The Plaza

The Plaza Hotel in New York has also seized the new opportunity of mobile communication. Since January 2011 all guestrooms have had a tablet PC with the application Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience).The utility helps control all the guests’ needs such as room service, restaurant reservations, a request for wake up calls, temperature and lighting or even booking tour guides in New York, flight schedule, including the printing of boarding passes.

Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Not only the Plaza Hotel in New York, but also the whole hotel chain Hyatt Hotels and Resorts utilises iPads for providing better service to their customers. Hundreds of iPads are now in employees’ hands, which helps improve the communication and organization of the hotel. iPads also connect the hotels with the Chicago headquarters, and thus helps organize the whole hotel chain.

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