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A number of tour operators around the world embrace sustainable and responsible tourism practices.


Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Africa: Tour Operators Helping Locals

Tourism Review News Desk

Giving back to the community is increasingly becoming a very important factor when selecting tour operators. This is especially true for any one travelling to Africa for a safari. This trend has seen the driving force of the various community based projects now being run by various tour operators in Africa. Such initiatives give all the three main parties involved a better chance to not only interact but also help one another. This has been hailed as the best way of going for a safari in Africa....
Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Metropolitan Touring, Investing in Ecuador’s Environment and Communities

Sara Thopson

Long before the now-familiar phrases “sustainable tourism” and “responsible tourism” entered the travel vocabulary, Metropolitan Touring recognized that investing in its destinations was not only a wise strategy for business success but also the right thing to do. With nearly six decades of operation in its home country of Ecuador and recent expansion to include tours in Columbia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, Metropolitan Touring has placed its environmental and socially re...
Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Tour Operators Contribute to CSR and Community Development Initiatives

Wayne M. Gore

Harnessing the power of travel to make a difference in people’s lives, many tour operators around the world are contributing to conservation, sustainable community development, education and capacity-building initiatives in the destinations they work in. Below are just a few examples of how tour operators can utilize their local and global networks to give back to destinations and local communities. Basecamp Explorer & Basecamp Foundation (Masai Mara, Kenya) - Basecamp...
Sustainable/Eco/Green Tourism

Sustainable Tourism: A Challenge for Asian Tour Operators

Gregory Dolgos

Tourism is currently one of the top industry providing jobs and income to a lot of Asian countries today. That is why the call for sustainable Eco-Tourism has become stronger during the last decade. In order to protect the different Asian destinations or tourist spots, local governments and NGOs have started educating the people about the importance of keeping the spots protected especially forests, temples and natural environment. In the last decade, there has been an increase in the call for t...