DESTINATION/ Wales – Leeks, Daffodils and Dragons

Wales is an exciting destination offering ancient castles, stunning landscape as well as mysterious caves. The tourism industry is struggling – yet another reason to explore the land of dragons.



Wales – Mysterious Castles and Picturesque Landscape

Justin N. Froyd

Although Wales is relatively small, it offers numerous exciting attractions for any kind of visitor. There is no shortage of things to do in Wales as tourists can visit any of its numerous landmarks, travel in ancient steam trains, or attend a game of rugby or football in the third largest stadium in the UK. Wales offers its visitors picturesque countryside scenery, outstanding historic castles, stunning national parks and zoos, and industrial revolution sites. Some of the main historic landm...

Tourism Numbers Going Steadily Down

Gary Diskin

Over the years, Wales has developed into a major tourist attraction. According to the statistics published in the Office for National Statistics International Passenger Survey, the number of inbound tourists to Wales in 2011 was 0.9 million which amounted to the revenue of £328 million. The number of foreign visits to Wales increased in the past year, therefore showing the strength that Wales has established as one of the leading tourist destinations in the UK. A huge number of visitors came fr...

Llandudno – In the Lap of the Great Orme

Sara Thopson

Llandudno, Wales's largest seaside resort often referred to as the ‘Queen of the Welsh resorts’ lies within the Conwy County Borough. It has two beaches – the busier, award winning North Shore and the quieter, sand duned West Shore. The former between the magnificent headlands of the Great Orme and Little Orme has the traditional British holiday attractions – the pier (the longest in Wales) with its variety of amusements and colorful kiosks, pleasure boat trips around the bay, Punch and Judy sho...

Get Adventurous and Enjoy Wales

Kevin Eagan

You can never go wrong with Wales when in seek of exciting outdoor adventures during holidays. Whether you're travelling alone or in a group Wales offers plenty of activities which you can choose from that will suit your interests and meet your expectations for a real adventure. Among the activities that you may opt to consider are mountain biking and traffic-free cycling. If you have a pickup truck and plan to go on ATVing or quadding, load that up with those durable atv ramps like the 4wdlife...