Welsh Castles: Mystery and Beauty

Justin N. Froyd - Nov 26, 2012
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Although Wales is relatively small, it offers numerous exciting attractions for any kind of visitor. There is no shortage of things to do in Wales as tourists can visit any of its numerous landmarks, travel in ancient steam trains, or attend a game of rugby or football in the third largest stadium in the UK. Wales offers its visitors picturesque countryside scenery, outstanding historic castles, stunning national parks and zoos, and industrial revolution sites.

Some of the main historic landmarks that you can visit while exploring Wales include Bodelwyddan Castle, and Caernarfon Castle. The other must see landmarks especially for nature lovers include the Anglesey Sea Zoo, and Snowdonia National Park. For a chance to see some European industrial revolution landmarks, travel the Llangollen Railway and get a chance to ride a steam powered train. If you are a sports fan, then you cannot afford to miss an opportunity to visit Cardiff's Millennium Stadium especially when a football or rugby game is on.

Ancient Castles

For a taste of Welsh mystery and spooky encounters, a visit to the Bodelwyddan Castle is a must for any visitor. This ancient castle is one of the most famous landmarks in Wales. This attraction is famous for its strange happenings and visitors have reported mysterious sightings such as apparitions in a gallery within the castle, the ghost of a soldier in one of the numerous rooms, and ghostly figures drifting along the castle's corridors.

Caernarfon Castle is one of the most impressive ancient landmarks in Gwynedd, Wales. Constructed by King Edward I, it is one of the greatest medieval fortresses in Europe. The imposing castle boasts of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visitors can enjoy informative displays and exhibitions of the castle's fascinating history.

Nature Landmarks

Wales offers an awesome landscape and exciting natural landmarks. If you want to have a taste of its exciting natural landmarks, travel to the Snowdonia National Park or the Anglesey Sea Zoo. Snowdonia National Park sits on 800 square miles in Northwest Wales and it encompasses agricultural areas, enchanting wilderness, and rural Welsh villages. The national park offers nature lovers a unique combination of recreation, nature conservation, and community life intertwined with stunning scenery and magnificent vistas.

The Anglesey Sea zoo is the place to be if you love to watch sea life. The zoo boasts of more than 150 species of sea creatures that are found in the Anglesey area as well as along the entire North Wales coastline. Tours of the zoo include a tour of the Bone Free Zone, a thrilling walk above the Shark Pool, and a tour of the Shipwreck, while an underwater camera provides you a realistic view of the Fish Forest.

Llangollen Railway

If you want to get a feel of the industrial revolution, travel on the Llangollen Railway. This is a mainly steam powered Heritage Railway Line that begins at Llangollen Railway Station situated along the Dee River Bridge in Llangollen Town. It goes on for seven and half miles upstream along the Dee River to Carrog Village. Exciting special events are offered on the tour including A Day Out with Thomas, Real Ale Trains, Galas, Santa Special Trains, and Murder Mystery. The train rides offer visitors a truly realistic feel of industrial revolution times travel.

Cardiff's Millennium Stadium

A tour of top landmarks in Wales is not complete without a tour of at least one modern landmark. A tour of Cardiff's Millennium Stadium is definitely the best opportunity to see that Wales also boasts of modern sites besides the numerous ancient ones that have been covered above. It is actually the country's national stadium and boasts of being the third largest in Britain. It is also one of the most impressive modern icons in Wales and mostly hosts football or rugby matches. Visitors can experience the pre-match build-up in the dressing rooms which are also known as the Dragon's Lair. Visitors can also listen to the exciting roar of more than 74,000 fans when taking a walk through the players' tunnel to the turf. You can enjoy watching the game from one of the VIP suites and even get a chance to lift a winners' trophy like a true sporting champion in the Presidential Box.

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