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Kevin Eagan - Nov 26, 2012
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You can never go wrong with Wales when in seek of exciting outdoor adventures during holidays. Whether you're travelling alone or in a group Wales offers plenty of activities which you can choose from that will suit your interests and meet your expectations for a real adventure.

Among the activities that you may opt to consider are mountain biking and traffic-free cycling. If you have a pickup truck and plan to go on ATVing or quadding, load that up with those durable atv ramps like the 4wdlife and head out to Wales.
Wales has 331-mile long roads dedicated only to cycling. Bring your family and friends to go cycling and mountain biking to some of Wales' breathtaking coastal paths and forest trails which include Swansea's Seafront, Ellan Valley, Coed y Brenin's Yr Afron forest trail, Millennium Coastal path and a whole lot more in West Wales and Mid-Wales terrains.

Taking long walks before any vigorous activities is also an excellent idea. Your family and friends will surely enjoy breathing the fresh clean air while they do stretching. You can choose to take long walks along the seashore, under the rushing waterfalls, up in the mountain or throughout the rolling trees. Some of the best places to take long walks are the coastal path of Pembrokshire, nature trails of Lake Vyrnwy, historic place of Usk Valley and the terrains of Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons National Parks.

Experiencing farm living can also be fun especially if you have kids with you. Moreover, visiting farms can also be educational for children. There they can feed domesticated animals and see how they live. Your family and friends can even stay there to truly experience what it is like to live on a farm. Some of the best farms in Wales are located in Carmarthenshire, Porthmadag, Wye Valley, Gower, Cardiff, and Pembrokshire.

The ever challenging rock climbing is yet another mountain activity that you can enjoy especially if you get to visit the West Wales where the UK's highest mountain situates, the majestic Snowdon. Mentioned earlier are the mountainous ranges of Snowdonia and Brecon and Beacons which are both declared as national parks.

If you really wanted a one of a kind adventure that will absolutely ooze your adrenaline level, then coasteering is perhaps the activity that you are looking for. This kind of activity will definitely require most of your energy as you are not just going to go mountain biking and hiking; you will also get to swim and run a lot. After all, the effort is worth it as soon as you reach the cliff where you can jump and shout out to release all of your remaining energy. The cliff jump is optional though, but once you are there; you just can't help the exhilaration that will surely make you want to try it all over and over again. Coasteering is mainly offered in Pembrokshire where you can find the best rocky coastline in the UK.

Conquering the undergrounds is equally exciting like the mountain activities. There are more than a thousand caves to explore in the UK but the deepest is in Wales, the Oogof Fyynnon Ddu in South Wales. The caves in Wales will show you a whole new subterranean world. The wildlife there is simply amazing. There are varieties of animals and insects that can never be found in the lands. Spectacular stone formations can also be found as you go on through the tunnels which are also home the columns of stalactites and stalagmites.

After conquering the land activities, it's now time for water activities in which Wales is also known for. The beaches found in Grower, Swansea and Lyn Peninsula are just some of the best ones in the UK.

Sea kayaking is getting popular because it is more challenging to do it in a rushing sea than in calm lagoon. You can even see friendly dolphins going along as you paddle. There are also seals at the Ramsey Island nearby. This is exactly how you, the wildlife and nature come together as one.

The exciting blend of both kite-flying and surfing is one of the most popular extreme water sports in Wales. It requires an ultimate combination of your skills to manage both tasks. It's tiring and challenging but it is hugely gratifying at the moment you get it right.

Go along with the big waves as you do surfing. If you are a surfing enthusiast, then you will probably find the beaches in Gower, Swansea and Lyn Peninsula as one of the best-surfing destinations in the world. You can even have formal training there as there are several surfing schools in Wales to make you surf like a pro. Some other water activities that you can also enjoy are diving and white water rafting in some of the rushing rivers in Wales.

Those are just some of the outdoor activities that you can find as you travel to Wales. You can actually find more if you are already there. Indeed, spending your holidays in Wales is a worthwhile experience than you will treasure forever.

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