Spa and Medical: Pros and Cons of Medi-Spa

As the recent statistics show spa and wellness industry is simply booming nowadays. People just love to spend an evening or the whole week in the hands of professionals taking care for their body and soul. However, there are also various cases of dissatisfied customers. Let’s get familiar with the dangers of medi spa.


The Benefits of Medical Spa

Kevin Eagan

Medical spas are facilities that combine traditional day-spa comforts with common cosmetic procedures. At a medical spa, you can get the same services offered at a traditional spa, such as facials, massages, saunas, and body treatments. However, you can also get cosmetic medical treatments such as laser hair removal, botox and restylane injections, medical microdermabrasions, photo facials, hair restoration, laser vein treatments, laser acne treatments, laser wrinkle reduction, and medical peels...

Dangers of a Medi Spa

Pat Hyland

The number of medi-spas in the United States has grown from 500 to about 2,000, representing a 400 percent increase in just the past three years alone according to the International Medical Spa Association. Non-physicians as well as doctors from any and all disciplines have access to the medical products and devices that medi-spas offer, sometimes to the detriment of consumers. A report from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has found that nearly half its members report seeing an inc...

Spa Clients Warned to Be Cautious

Andrew J. Wein

Kile Law, Raleigh Day Spa Expert, urges consumers to ask about a spas policy of clients being left alone in treatment rooms before scheduling an appointment or purchasing a gift certificate. "One of the most disturbing practices happening in spas today is leaving clients unattended in treatment rooms," says Kile Law. Rather than giving clients 100% of their attention, many spas actually have therapists working on two clients in different rooms at the same time...

Medi-Spas: When Things Go Awry

Anna Luebke

Many Americans who want a more youthful look are choosing laser treatments or injections along with their facials or manicure. There is a booming industry of medical spas and a growing concern about safety. It is estimated that the medical spa industry in this country has grown from just one spa in 1999 to more than 2,000. They offer cosmetic procedures that are quite powerful. Some doctors say too many unqualified and unsupervised technicians are now performing these techniques. And the numbe...