Tourism Review Online Magazine 5 / 2008

Apr 28, 2008
Dear readers,

Welcome to the May issue of the TR online magazine. Let us invite you to spend an exciting morning pleasantly floating several meters above the earth. Come and read the Adventure part about the popular balloon trips available all over the world. Ever watched giraffes and lions from above? Ever admired the beauties of Cappadocia from the birds’ perspective? Now you have a good chance. After your landing you might decide to enjoy a bit of Heritage. UNESCO sites are a must for heritage lovers. However what about the numerous places not on the List? What sites are going to expand the UNESCO List soon?
The Spa supplement focuses on various dangers of medical spa and advises the spa-goers how to be careful enough to enjoy the spa stay without any trouble. The effectiveness of tourist boards and their work is the topic of the Professional section this time dedicated to the tourism authority of the Czech Republic. The Destination part on the other hand presents the trends and developments of the travel trade industry in the Central Europe. All right folks, let’s get started.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: UNESCO List Candidates: To Be or Not To Be

Vanderlei J. Pollack

- Apr 28, 2008
The world known UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites includes the most treasured properties of the world. Each country having its site inscribed on the list is rightly proud about it and many state parties want to add more sites to the List as well. Let us get familiar with countries that do not have any property listed yet and that have nominated their treasured sites for the UNESCO List.

Professional: Tourist Board Practices

Bill Alen

- Apr 28, 2008
Tourist boards are the most important bodies with respect to the promotion of countries and regions. Is their work effective though? Do they change in any way the statistics of incoming tourists? Let us focus on one of the central European tourist boards – CzechTourism – and see what strategies they use in evaluating their work. A good example of effectiveness assessment by the North Ireland tourist board follows.

Spa and Medical: Pros and Cons of Medi-Spa

Denise Chen

- Apr 28, 2008
As the recent statistics show spa and wellness industry is simply booming nowadays. People just love to spend an evening or the whole week in the hands of professionals taking care for their body and soul. However, there are also various cases of dissatisfied customers. Let’s get familiar with the dangers of medi spa.

Active / Adventure: Hot-Air Balloon Vacations

Justin N. Froyd

- Apr 28, 2008
Hot-air balloons. Aren’t they fantastic? Come and read what kind of experience does a balloon flight offer, what you should prepare for, what you should not expect and where to go for the biggest balloon fair ever. Hop into the basket and enjoy the flight.

Destination: The Beauty of the Central Europe

Gregory Dolgos

- Apr 28, 2008
“Central European countries” is a broad term assigned to varying number of states. CE is defined with respect to the geography or various institutional communities like the Visegrad Four. Not attempting to solve the relative nature of this term we are pleased to present the Central Europe from the viewpoint of a travel trade professional. Watch out! Here comes the statistics.