Professional: Tourist Board Practices

Tourist boards are the most important bodies with respect to the promotion of countries and regions. Is their work effective though? Do they change in any way the statistics of incoming tourists? Let us focus on one of the central European tourist boards – CzechTourism – and see what strategies they use in evaluating their work. A good example of effectiveness assessment by the North Ireland tourist board follows.


Czech Tourist Board: Experience and Impression

Michael Trout

Over the years of its democratic history the Czech Republic has become an important destination both for the leisure travel as well as for business tourism. The country in the heart of Europe is popular among tourists especially because of its historical monuments (12 UNESCO listed properties), quality SPA facilities (e.g. Karlovy Vary), affordable prices and friendly people. In 2007 almost 6.7 million people visited the country which was a 3.8% increase in the number of incoming tourists. The C...

Interview: Tourism Is NOT the Top Priority for Czech Leaders

Nils Kraus

The Association of Tour Operators and travel agents of the Czech Republic (ACCKA) is a national non-profit association that represents 240 travel trade companies. Growing numbers of the incoming tourists as well as further development of the travel trade are thus quite important for the association. was interested in their opinion about the Czech tourism industry as well as the activities of the national tourist board – CzechTourism. The following questions were answered by Mr...

Czech Government: Effectiveness Is Hardly Measurable

Nils Kraus

The Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic is the official authority administering the national tourist board CzechTourism (CT). The Ministry names the CEO of the tourist board and is supposed to support and monitor its promotion activities. asked the director of the Ministry’s tourism department Ms. Blazena Krizova about Ministry’s opinion about the tourist board’s activities and effectiveness...

Measuring the Performance of Tourist Boards: The Case of NITB

Justin N. Froyd

The travel trade industry worldwide naturally endeavors to reach the best results and highest profits which would not be possible without certain amount of self-critique and feedback. Since the public sector sometimes tries to defend its strategies by saying “we are not business, we can’t measure our effectiveness”, let us look at a case showing evaluation is not only possible but necessary. In 2004 the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) commissioned an independent study to assess the views...