Destination: The Beauty of the Central Europe

“Central European countries” is a broad term assigned to varying number of states. CE is defined with respect to the geography or various institutional communities like the Visegrad Four. Not attempting to solve the relative nature of this term we are pleased to present the Central Europe from the viewpoint of a travel trade professional. Watch out! Here comes the statistics.


Poland: Greatest Increase in Hotel Nights in EU

Andrea Hausold

The most popular sites in Poland include Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Lublin, Toruń, and Auschwitz. Other attractions include northeast Poland's Mazury lake district and Białowieża Forest. Poland 's main touristic products are: city and historical monuments sightseeing, business trips, qualified tourism, agrotourism, mountain hiking and others.

Romanian Tourism: Minimal Contribution to GDP

Kevin Eagan

According to the latest figures, tourism in Romania has a minimal contribution to the GDP, while jobs in this sector are regarded as a 'last resort' career option due to the low salaries. Although, in terms of growth rate, the domestic market is at the top of the ranking (which includes 176 countries), in terms of value, Romania is positioned towards the bottom of the ranking of tourism-derived revenues...

Slovenia: Tourism Growing Faster Than Other Sectors

Theodore Slate

Tourism is rapidly becoming one of the most important industries in Slovenia. Not only the domestic expenditure, which has reached 10% of disposable income in 2005, but also incoming tourists, whose receipts have far exceeded EUR 1 billion are contributing to this growth. Growth rates have been strong in the past five years, exceeding 5% for incoming tourists and reaching only slightly less for domestic spending...

Tourism Figures Moderately Rising in Hungary

Bill Alen

Hungary, along with much of East/Central Europe, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination among Western Europeans, and especially Britons. While cheap tickets offered by low-cost airlines have turned Prague into a well-known stag weekend destination among British travellers, Budapest—Hungary’s capital city—tends to attract crowds due to its unique abundance of Roman and Turkish baths, the fact that hotels and restaurant meals are still noticeably cheaper than in most western urban...

Slovakia: Yet To Be Discovered

Daniel A. Tanner

Slovakia experienced accelerated economic growth in the last years. This spurred an increase in average disposable income of 11%, driving household consumption and expenditure on leisure. Average purchasing power is still low at 51% of the EU average, according to Slovak Spectator, but higher in the more developed Bratislava region. The Slovak hotel industry is benefiting from the growing influx of foreign investment. Together with nearby Vienna, Bratislava is fast becoming a regional hub for pa...