Heritage: UNESCO List Candidates: To Be or Not To Be

The world known UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites includes the most treasured properties of the world. Each country having its site inscribed on the list is rightly proud about it and many state parties want to add more sites to the List as well. Let us get familiar with countries that do not have any property listed yet and that have nominated their treasured sites for the UNESCO List.


How To ... Get Your Property on the UNESCO List

Theodore Slate

All over the world there are altogether 257 countries today. Out of them, 115 countries do not have any property listed by UNESCO yet. What does the nomination process for the UNESCO List consist of? First of all, only countries that have signed the World Heritage Convention, pledging to protect their natural and cultural heritage, can submit nomination proposals for properties on their territory to be considered for inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Today there are 185 State Parties t...

Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, Jamaica as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wayne M. Gore

The Caribbean region consists of twenty four island states, most of which are independent. This chain of islands and groups of islands borders the north and east of the Caribbean Sea with Central America to the west, and countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana to the south. The area has been recognised by Conservation International as one of the thirty-four biodiversity hotspots of the world. The region is also culturally significant because of its history which has brought together peo...

Vanuatu: Luxury Liner and Divers’ Paradise

Gregory Dolgos

Launched on 21st February 1931 the SS President Coolidge was the largest passenger ship to be constructed in America (with her twin sister, the SS President Hoover) at that time. Built by Newport News Shipbuilding Drydock Company in Newport News, the Coolidge was 200m by 25m and had a gross displacement of 21,936 tons...

Eritrea: Asmara and Its Modernist Architecture

Daniel A. Tanner

Perched on a plateau that rises two kilometers above the Red Sea, the Eritrean capital of Asmara has one of the world’s highest concentrations of early modern architecture. Constructed primarily between 1936 and 1941 by Italian colonists under Fascist rule and isolated during a 50-year conflict with Ethiopia, the urban fabric of Asmara’s city center represents a bold attempt to create a utopian city based on modernist planning and architectural ideals. Unconstrained by the more conservative envi...

Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul Basin and Open-Air Museum

Kevin Eagan

The area of the Issyk-Kul basin has been attracting scholars of the world for a long time. The ancient archaeological sites here are dated to the Paleolithic period, some findings refer to the Mesolithic and early Neolithic periods, a substantial layer is characteristic of the late Neolithic period and Bronze Age. Many archaeological sites remained untouched from the period when Turkish tribes were in power in the area. Among the medieval sites the submerged ruins of "Timur's Palace" are the mos...