SPA/ Top Spas for De-stressing

Stress relief is the focus of many spa programs and treatments. Explore a couple of luxurious spa retreats offering not only massage and facials but also yoga and meditation.


World’s Best Stress Relief Detox Spas SPA

World’s Best Stress Relief Detox Spas

Anna Luebke

There are plenty of options for individuals interested in wellness travel. From yoga retreats and fitness breaks to spa packages and meditation holidays, the options for health destination retreats are endless. That said people can get the best stress relief experience from detox retreats, which gives them an opportunity to relax physically and mentally. A one week vacation in a detox spa retreat can help restore and rejuvenate the person’s health and lifestyle. Here are three of the top stress...
Harem Escape: Morocco’s Haven for Ladies SPA

Harem Escape: Morocco’s Haven for Ladies

Ashley Nault

The Harem Escape is undoubtedly one of the best detox spas in the world. This luxurious spa is situated on a 24 acre piece of desert land in the outskirts of the famous city of Marrakech in Morocco. It is specifically a spa for women with a burning desire to bolster their body, mind and soul. With today’s life that is characterized with busy schedules, general stress both physical and mental, heartaches and disappointments, this is the place to let all that sail away and be a new you. So what m...
Spa Treatments Helping with Stress SPA

Spa Treatments Helping with Stress

Ashley Nault

We all understand and comprehend stress in all its dimensions. Unfortunately majority of people cannot cope with or even reverse the situation. Silently, without our knowledge stress gets into our lives – via our daily jobs, relatives, money matters or even pals. Normally turning a blind eye to it, developing harmful ways of handling it and even letting it weigh down on us are some of the easiest options for many. Cardiovascular diseases are known to us as the major effects of stress, on the con...
Relaxation with a Difference: The Ananda Spa in the Himalayas SPA

Relaxation with a Difference: The Ananda Spa in the Himalayas

Gary Diskin

At the foot of the Himalayas, lies Uttarakhand, the Sal Forest and the gardens of one of India's most respected resort spas – Ananda. This complex, which boasts a 24,000 square foot spa and luxurious guest suites is surrounded by greenery, luscious grounds, and natural habitats to such an extent that some rooms have their own private garden, the Ganga river can be seen in a full panorama from some of the balconies and there is even a private heli-pad on site for guests to arrive on. These sur...