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Ashley Nault - Feb 24, 2014
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The Harem Escape is undoubtedly one of the best detox spas in the world. This luxurious spa is situated on a 24 acre piece of desert land in the outskirts of the famous city of Marrakech in Morocco.

It is specifically a spa for women with a burning desire to bolster their body, mind and soul. With today’s life that is characterized with busy schedules, general stress both physical and mental, heartaches and disappointments, this is the place to let all that sail away and be a new you. So what makes Harem escape the ultimate place for stress relief?


Yoga is one of the services offered at the luxurious Moroccan spa. The yoga specialists are well trained and efficient in giving yoga lessons and exercises to women of all walks of life who visit this place. It should be understood that yoga is one of the best ways to relieve stress both physically and psychologically. Additionally, the facilities and equipment used is world class therefore you have nothing to fear about poor quality services.


Mediation is known to reconnect the mind, body and soul of an individual. Meditation is one of the best known stress relief methods used by a number of professionals today. At the Harem Escape, women undergo meditation classes to ensure that all the underlying stress issues are dealt right from their source outwards. Additionally, the environment is cozy and serene for a perfect meditation session. The surroundings are beautiful and after the meditation session you can take a swim or a casual walk around and experience the comfort that is hidden in this place.


This state of the art spa offers great massages to all its customers and clients. With a team of highly trained and skilled professionals, all your aching body parts will be massaged leaving you feeling younger than you came. Additionally, the rich massage oils are used to invigorate your senses and make you feel fresh.

Facials and body masks

A visit to the Harem Escape is not complete without a body mask and facials. The body mask aims at rejuvenating your skin and making it glossier and smoother than it ever was. In fact it makes you age gracefully. The facials help in giving your face a complete transformation and giving it a new look. If you had wrinkles or stretch marks, the facials and body masks help you get rid of them without so much hustle.

Delicious healthy meals

The Harem Escape is not only a place to go and relieve yourself of stress but it is also a place you can go and have a delicious meal. After undergoing their various stress relief programs or exercises, they sit down, relax and eat healthy meals prepared by high class chefs. It is important to point out that a healthy body needs a healthy meal and this is practiced and observed here.

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