Pat Hyland - Dec 10, 2023
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Fatima Zahraa Ammor, the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Social, and Solidarity Economy in Morocco, reported that domestic travelers represent 35 percent of overnight stays in tourist accommodation establishments classified nationally. This indicates that domestic tourism is more popular than foreign tourism, similar to the trend in developed countries like Spain and France.

Although domestic tourism in Morocco has been criticized, Amour confirms that it has been experiencing steady growth. She noted that during the first ten months of this year, 7.4 million overnight stays were recorded, a 9 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022.

Some experts criticize the prices of tourist services in Morocco. In response, Amour clarified that the prices of these services are determined by the requirements of the law and the market conditions, which pertain to freedom of price and competition. She added that the laws of supply and demand determine the prices.

The ministry is working with professional representatives of the tourism industry to promote tourism offers that are both affordable and of high quality. Additionally, the ministry is in the process of enacting a law that will regulate the prices of tourist accommodation, making it more affordable for residents.

Amour believes Moroccan tourism products are still more affordable than their European and Asian counterparts. To support this claim, Fatima Zahraa Ammor stated that the ministry conducted a study in the summer of 2023 that compared prices for the same products in Morocco and foreign tourist destinations visited by Moroccans in Asia and Europe.

The study found that a three-star hotel stay in Morocco costs around 650 dirhams (about 60 EUR) per night, while it ranges between 900 and 1,700 dirhams in these countries. For four-star hotels, an overnight stay in Morocco is estimated at 1,000 dirhams (about 92 EUR); in these countries, it ranges between 1,400 and 2,200 dirhams.

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