Samuel Dorsi - Sep 23, 2008
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Even though many consider Morocco as a rather unsafe country, it is becoming increasingly popular, especially among backpackers. Those who visit Morocco agree that there is no such thing as a list of ‘top ten’ places one has to see before departing. The country is absolutely marvelous and the whole experience of the visit itself is the most precious one. There are plenty of towns and places which are frequented by tourists.


Casablanca will always remain in the hearts of movie devotees and thus has become a major tourist magnet. However, the ancient city of Fez appeals with its profound architectural history and richness too. Especially the old part of the city, medina, is well worth seeing. The Karaouine Mosque and University which date back to the 9th century also belong to the local highlights.


Essaouira attracts a lot of attention, especially since it was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Windsurfers will definitely know about Essaouira, as it is famous for its waves. However, the potential of this destination is now being discovered by culture and history devotees as well as adventurers or visitors who seek a calm and peaceful holiday. Locals are very welcoming and friendly, and the range of accommodation offers both luxurious resorts and lovely cheap hotels and guest houses. Art lovers will rejoice over the many galleries in Essaouira.


Jeweler’s souk (market) always attracts considerable tourist attention and charming little shops which sell an almost shocking variety of products create a wonderful and lively atmosphere. Moroccan cuisine is one of its most famous assets. The number of pleasant restaurants is overwhelming anywhere the tourists tread.


Those who favor more adventurous holidays should visit the Atlas Mountains. Especially during spring and autumn, they are ideal for hiking and climbing.

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