Chris Grad - Aug 13, 2012
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A new Hilton Blue Paper entitled "Emerging Global Spa Trends" was recently released. The paper among other things discusses the significant role played by male-spa users.

The report contains insights from various industry experts such as the founders of high quality spa product brands, the Hilton Worldwide spa team and other leaders. The Hilton Blue Paper also features a survey of six thousand respondents who come from China, Australia, Great Britain and the United States. They offer additional regional and global insight.

One of the major findings of the research is that about fifty percent of the respondents reported that the availability of a spa in a hotel is one factor that determines whether they choose to stay at the hotel or not. Respondents from China cited the presence of a spa as very important and they were followed by Australian respondents.

Spas play an essential role in differentiating the services offered by hotels whether they are hosting business or leisure travelers. This is what Dave Horton, who is the global head of the Hilton Hotels and Resorts said. He further said that the new research shows the essential role spas play when it comes to customer decisions about booking a hotel to stay at especially in the Chinese market, which is rapidly expanding. He stated that through the studies, they found out that sixty percent of travelers reported that they were likely to visit the spa at the hotel they were staying at.

The Hilton Blue Paper identifies spa behavior and spa goers based on their age. It highlights the main motivators and differentiators for every age group. It discusses the modern spa guest who is more savvy and enlightened about how efficient spas and related products should be.

The report also shows the important role men play in the global spa industry and how efficient spas should tailor their services towards this audience. It discusses the reasons why spas should offer consistent services while being flexible. It offers information about the important role played by spas in the hotel industry. They offer hotels a competitive advantage in driving revenue, booking and attracting local customers besides overnight guests.

It displays the importance of business travelers who seek various methods of decompressing between meetings and extending their visits to achieve a blended travel experience. It offers insight on the regional trends that experts identified in many parts of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

According to Tyra Lowman, who is the senior director of full service and luxury brands, global spa of Hilton Worldwide, global spa trends are usually consistent all over the world. She said that successful spa concepts on a global scale are those that provide reliable services across their portfolio. They also respect regional differences by offering treatments and services that are influenced by the location of the hotel.

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