Andrew J. Wein - Nov 8, 2010
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The Tourism Authority in Thailand has decided to increase the number of visitors arriving in Thailand through promoting the country as a medical tourism hub. 

Diversification has proved to be a very effective way to multiply profits in any area. Tourism is undoubtedly one of them. Alongside regular promotion campaigns targeting holiday makers the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) plans to establish Thailand's reputation as medical tourism hub. Medical tourism has become a very profitable branch of the industry, and other countries in the region - Singapore, India and Malaysia - have already discovered the benefits of quality medical care and the profits are increasing. 

When times are financially challenging, many countries where tourism presents a crucial source of income feel the impact heavily. Tourists are much more sensible, cut their holidays short or do not travel abroad at all. Countries need to attract tourists in new ways in order to prevent losses. They ought to deliver a product people want to buy under all circumstances.

Tourism in Thailand is a very important source of income and the TAT has decided it is time to branch out. Medical tourism is a financially viable business and the country has the potential to step up to the challenge. The quality care is there, it only needs promoting.  



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