Michael Trout - Jul 12, 2010
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After a few months of political turmoil, Thailand has vowed to recover and save its tourism industry. The UN World Travel Organization and Pacific Asia Travel Association have both promised to help.


It is no wonder that both foreigners and Thai tourists did not want to visit “the Land of Smiles” in April or May as anti-government protestors gathered around Bangkok’s main shopping center and hotel district and burnt down some of the capital’s landmark businesses. The country was no longer safe and tourists became worried about their own lives. During the period of political turmoil 90 people died and further 1,885 were injured, which was disastrous for the country’s tourism sector.

However, a few months later, after the pledges of Thai government and a promised help by the UN World Travel Organization and Pacific Asia Travel Association, the situation looks better. Thai government has put through a financial scheme for tourism entrepreneurs in order to help them recover. Nevertheless, if Thailand wants to be attractive for tourists again further changes need to be made.

By lifting the visa requirements for foreigners, Thai government not only hopes to win back lost tourists, but also gain new ones. Encouraging people to visit is sure to bring a reward as nobody likes waiting in queues at Thai embassies. The government plans to cancel landing and parking fees too. These policies are believed to entice people back to Thailand and help them forget the problems of past few months.

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