Gregory Dolgos - Jan 5, 2015
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Cuba is going to become a major gateway destination for US citizens upon the reestablishment of US-Cuba diplomatic relations and travel ease. Stated the experts.

Executive Director of International Institute of Tourism Studies Kristin Lamoureux pointed out that due to the country's proximity to the United States, dual US-Cuba trips for visitors from other parts of the world and Americans travelling there could be witnessed more frequently. She also added that if ferry travel between Florida and Cuba was to be reinstated, there would be a major impact on US-Cuba tourism.

Lisa Glidden an Associate Professor from State University of New York based at Oswego said that Cuba has a great potential to become a major tourist destination for many US citizens. However, she cautioned that this is not something to be too much excited about as the country could develop a dependence on tourism as the major source of revenue consequently turning into a tourism-dependent economy which is a dangerous situation. Glidden said that Cuba’s economy might become reliant on extrinsic source of revenue if a situation whereby foreigners visiting Cuban resorts which are off limits to the locals comes into play.

She used Jamaica as well as Dominican Republic as two examples of countries where foreign visitors never leave the resorts and private beaches denying the locals a chance to explore their own countries and act as a major source of revenue.

Recently, the US president announced that the country was relaxing travel and trade restrictions on Cuba. These restrictions have been in effect since 1961 as a result of Cold War which led to resentment between these two countries. All in all, if all goes well, Americans will soon have a wonderful holiday destination located not very far away from home.

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