MEDICAL/ Dental Tourists Conquering the World

Globally, dental tourism is growing in popularity – Hungary, Costa Rica or Malaysia are becoming the hubs welcoming crowds of dental tourists every year. How to choose the right country and the doctor for your treatment? What are the price differences?



Dental Tourism – Trends and Predictions

Michael Trout

Today, dental tourism is a booming industry that is increasing in popularity. Many dentists fight for their reputation to remain the first option for travelling patients as some dental clinics do not attract enough business. Dental clinics work at attracting foreign patients by claiming they provide quality dental services at x% less than other countries. How the patients choose the doctor One wonders how patients choose amongst so many dentists; what the criteria are and how far patients ar...

Tips for Savvy Dental Tourists

Daniel A. Tanner

Taking care of one's teeth is, of course, highly important. Unfortunately, it's also quite expensive. So if you're a little short on cash, one possible option that you can try is dental tourism. Despite its reputation, going to other countries for dental care can actually lead to a lot of very good results both dentally and financially. In fact, according to data from Patients Beyond Borders, the average American can save as much as 70% on dental procedures, such as crowns or root canals, by sim...

Most Popular Dental Treatments among Medical Tourists

Cecilia Garland

It seems as if people are rewarding themselves for having to undergo dental treatment by going to exotic locations overseas to get the treatment done. Travelling abroad to Malaysia, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea, Thailand, or to Greece or Hungary in Europe is not primarily for a vacation, getting their dental work at a discount is the main reason for going! The majority of those who choose dental clinics in these overseas locations do so because they can get the work done at much low...

Top 5 Destinations for Affordable Dental Treatment

Bill Alen

For affordable and superior quality dentistry abroad, no country beats Malaysia, Hungary, Costa Rica, Mexico and Thailand. Each one of them is preferred by dental travelers for different reasons. Below are some of the strong points of each of the destinations that make them stand out. Malaysia Dental travelers visiting Malaysia should expect advanced medical services that include state-of-the-art clinics as well. Some areas of expertise include aesthetic dental procedures such as tooth re-s...