Top Dental Treatments among Medical Tourists

Cecilia Garland - Jun 30, 2014
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It seems as if people are rewarding themselves for having to undergo dental treatment by going to exotic locations overseas to get the treatment done. Travelling abroad to Malaysia, India, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Korea, Thailand, or to Greece or Hungary in Europe is not primarily for a vacation, getting their dental work at a discount is the main reason for going!

The majority of those who choose dental clinics in these overseas locations do so because they can get the work done at much lower prices than at home while at the same time they enjoy exciting vacation in a wonderful destination. All this, without compromising on the quality of care they receive in modern facilities with highly trained and well experienced dentists.

The most common dental procedures are those where considerable savings are available when compared to the cost of having the same work done at home. Here are the top procedures that those seeking a beautiful smile with a discounted price tag are travelling overseas for:

Dental Crowns: These could be porcelain to blend in with natural teeth or made of gold. Whichever is chosen, crowns can fill gaps in a smile and in Malaysia could cost a quarter of the US$1,000 price tag you might expect to pay here in the West.

Dental Bridges: These can be a single tooth or more than one, used to fill a gap where natural teeth have been lost. They bridge the gap by affixing to healthy teeth on either side and have more than the cosmetic benefits of a new smile as they can make chewing food easier and even make speech clearer. A dental bridge could cost up to around US$1,400 in the UK whereas a trip to Thailand could produce equally good results for as little as US$200 – a massive saving.

Dental Implants: These are an alternative to the Dental Bridges above and generally give a better appearance, last longer and are better for chewing and biting. They will probably last you a lifetime but you could make a huge saving by travelling to India and paying only around US750 which represents 83% saving on having the same work done in Australia (US$4,500).

Root Canal Work: Root canals are dental treatments that nobody would go out of their way to experience. However, the pain is somewhat alleviated by the cost savings available to dental tourists. For example, getting your root canal done in Thailand will save you around 80% of the cost of having it done in the US (US$200 per tooth in Thailand against US$1,000 in the US).

Dental Veneers: These cosmetic veneers made of porcelain or composite materials are applied over the natural front teeth for an instant film-star smile! You will smile even more when you learn that whereas in Australia, these would set you back around US$1700, you could save 85% by getting them done in Singapore for a mere $US250!

Total Smile Makeover: Getting a complete smile makeover where missing teeth are replaced, chipped teeth are repaired and the whiteness of the teeth improved, (even, sometimes with the addition of a treatment to reduce those frown lines), could cost way in excess of $25,000 in a top, Western dental facility. For dental tourists prepared to travel to one of the top dental tourism hotspots huge savings on this price tag are available.

Because most dental procedures do not require a significant amount of 'down-time' afterwards, although dental tourism is primarily about the affordability and the quality of the treatment, in these wonderful holiday destinations those who have braved the dentist's chair, really have the opportunity to reward themselves with a wonderful vacation that definitely makes it worth travelling abroad for.

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