Best Bicycle Rides around the World

Justin N. Froyd - Jun 30, 2014
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For cycling enthusiasts, multiple worldwide locations offer the ultimate cycling experience.

Australia's Island of Tasmania

Visitors to Tasmania, and even residents, fondly call the island Tassie. The island features everything cyclists love, including smooth roads, free camping, and incredible scenery. By traveling south of Melbourne, visitors will eventually see this lone stretch of land. Amazing views and interesting wildlife are spread throughout the area day and night. Travelers can find numerous free campsites around the island, and Tasmania is known for the delicacies produced by its bakeries.

To reach this area, tourists need to take a quick ferry from Melbourne. Stopping at the tourist bureau for a complimentary tourism guide is always recommended. A large number of cycling roads are then presented to cyclists.

The Dolomites in Italy

Rocky mountains provide a challenging cycling environment with great rewards. The Dolomites mountain range in Northern Italy reachs heights of over 2,000 meters. During the ascension, cyclists can recharge with gelato or espresso from a local bistro. Various parts of the Dolomites offer a memorable journey, but nothing beats the Seiser Alm, Italy's tallest Alpine meadow.

Travelers will likely call Cortina d'Ampezzo their base camp. Otherwise, Bolzano offers easy access to the surrounding peaks and sits next to the Via Claudia bike path, which leads southward to Trento. Both towns allow cyclists to gear up each morning and head to a new location in the Dolomites.

Zagora to Tafraoute in Morocco

The entire region from Zagora to Tafraoute contains numerous biking trails. Visitors will find challenging climbs and expanses of almond trees. Then again, sand dunes and a lush oasis are found along the way, too. Accommodations ranging from hotels to campsites are readily available. Without a doubt, cyclists should reserve a week or two for this trip rather than rushing through things. February offers the best time for cycling tours because the almond trees are fully bloomed around this time. Nearby areas worth visiting include the Valley of the Draa.

The Molesworth Road in New Zealand

New Zealand's Molesworth Road isn't an easy ride for even seasoned cyclists. These dirt roads require at least three full days to traverse on average. Unfortunately, no shops are found along the way, so travelers need to bring their own supplies. Cascading cold streams are available for washing up and relaxing. Campsites are available for cyclists on this route from start to finish. During this journey, spectacular views are breathtaking for travelers of all backgrounds. These roads are only open to the public from the end of December to the start of April each year, and cyclists need their own camping gear.

The Danube Cycle Path

Running through Germany and Austria to Budapest, Hungary, the Danube Cycle Path is completely paved. Beginners and professional cyclists alike will find the path enjoyable. Guidebooks are available to help cyclists navigate this route.

Silk Road and Pamir Highway

When it comes to longer routes, the Silk Road and Pamir Highway provide four to six months of adventurous cycling. Silk Road cities like Bukhara and Samarkhand are popular destinations along the road. Heading toward the mountains, cyclists can catch a glimpse of nomadic life before heading onto the Pamir Highway. Cyclists will travel through multiple countries and see sights they can't find anywhere else.

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