Costa Rica Is Home to Eco-hotel with Coffee Plantation

Anna Luebke - Jun 30, 2014
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Are you thinking of traveling to Costa Rica for your holiday? Do you want to spend the night at an unforgettable place? The Finca Rosa Blanca Inn has recently been voted the best hotel in Central America. It is the perfect place for those who want to be close to nature. It is situated in the middle of a coffee farm plantation, near the mountainous countryside of Costa Rica. It offers a unique experience for many travelers all across the world.

The Finca Rosa Blanca gives you an exquisite and luxurious service in a remote setting. All the rooms are fitted with King sized beds, bamboo linens, jacuzzi and an outdoor verandah. You would find yourself surrounded by the tropical landscape and volcanoes. The hotel is situated next to a coffee farm, as well as containing lots of arts and sightseeing opportunities. It is also ideally situated close to the San Jose International Airport. The staff is very hospitable and the service is impeccable. It is an amazing experience and one which will guarantee to blow you away.

Want to go and look at the landscape? There are hundreds of volcanoes including three active ones close to the resort, all within traveling distance. You can join trekking tours and explore the area on foot or bike. The whole area is a kind of natural park with multitudes of waterfalls, rivers and ravines. Alternatively, join the coffee tour to see how the coffee beans are grown and produced to make the finest coffee in the world. You will be surprised by the friendliness of the local people when you visit the local towns. Explore the trades and crafts of the townsmen, the markets and the historical relics from the Spanish Colonial times.

The best thing about the Finca Rosa Blanca is that the establishment is totally dedicated to environmental conservation. It aims to reduce its carbon footprint by using solar panels to produce energy, recycling of the coffee pulp for farming purposes, low-flow toilets, recycling materials and using sustainable products. All the food is generated from local organic produce grown from its own greenhouse and the coffee is taken straight from the local plantation. The hotel uses a special copper and silver ionization system that doesn't cause any pollution to the environment. It utilizes an enhanced compost system to deal with waste and the soil is recycled back to grow crops and plants. A lot of resources are dedicated to educating the local communities and money is donated to charities and schools.

The Finca Rosa Blanca has been certified by the Sustainable Tourism Certification program (CST), which only recognizes the hotels that comply with the strictest sustainability and waste management guidelines. In fact, the Finca Rosa Blanca is the only hotel to achieve a 100% rating, which showcases its immense commitment to save the planet. It has also received multiple awards from other traveler organizations and sustainability groups. Whether you are planning a cultural trip or a romantic honeymoon, the Finca Rosa Blanca is the top choice for your destination.

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