Nimmo Bay Resort – Eco-resort for Wilderness Lovers

Chris Grad - Jun 30, 2014
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Everyone looks forward to a refreshing and memorable vacation. Out of all the excited plans that are made, your choice of the 'resort' is critical to the success of the holiday. Here's introducing the Nimmo Bay Resort, a unique resort that can redefine your vacation experience in more ways than one. What's more, it's the kind of resort that makes you appreciate the finer things in life.

The Location

The Nimmo Bay resort resides in the coastal region of 'British Columbia', Canada. Located in the enchanting wilderness of the 'Great Bear Rain Forest', the resort promises a holiday like no other. The seaside resort is an all-inclusive and fly-in type. You can access the place by sea or air only. Take a moment to imagine yourself flying into the resort in a helicopter, a fast one at that. A happy thought to cultivate!

The closest town to the resort is 'Port Hardy', a 25 minute flight from Nimmo Bay Resort. Port Hardy is about an hour's air journey from the International Vancouver Airport. You can also contact the capable staff of the resort for making travel arrangements for you.

The Eco Features

What makes the resort stand out is its passion for 'Eco-friendly' resources and 'environment sustainability'. The resort accommodations do not disturb the surrounding wildlife and forest. The management strategies of the resort are based on the foundation of nurturing the environment. Nimmo Bay resort has its own hydro-electric system and Hydroxyl garbage management program. The place has managed to reduce the 'Greenhouse Gas Emissions' considerably. The resort encourages the use of 'Organic food' sourced through local people and vendors. Even the soaps and cleaning products used by the resort are in sync with the environment. All in all the entire resort is a 'Climate Friendly' region, doing whatever is possible to keep the natural surroundings clean and happy.


* The accommodation includes spacious wood cabins providing breath taking views of the bay around. Apart from being comfortable, the accommodations are touched by nature. Besides, your cabin is self-sufficient in its own way. From red wine to home-baked cookies, there's everything that you may ever need right in your cabin.

* The Nimmo Bay Resort takes adventure to the next level. Being the 'wilderness' inspired place that it is, it offers you activities like kayaking, fishing, rain forest hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing and others. If you're vacationing with family, your kids will enjoy going for boat tours especially designed for watching the wonders of 'marine life'. At Nimmo Bay, you also have the option of getting the adventure packages customized to your very needs and preference.

* Apart from the adventure-packed fun, the resort provides other amenities like Kids Club, Spa, Massage, Laundry and Room service, Internet, Gift shop etc.

* The resort is a treasure-house of goodies. It also offers gourmet picnic lunches. You can also opt for breakfasts and dinners arranged in 'Family Style' dining areas.

As a corporate retreat or as a spot for family vacation, Nimmo Bay resort makes it all worthwhile. Make time to visit and live a different life at a place that makes a difference.

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