Campi Ya Kanzi Lodge Offers Eco-luxury in Kenya

Dan Rang - Jun 30, 2014
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A lot has been heard and shared about Kenya's breathtaking attractions in the form of gorgeous valleys, scenic mountains, beautiful animals, and a friendly social climate. However, travelers accustomed to the ordinary sights should look again and discover the wonderful Campi Ya Kanzi eco-lodge tucked away in the serene and tranquil heartland of the Maasai community.

Campi Ya Kanzi has a uniqueness of its own because of its reliance on eco-friendly resources to run nearly every aspect of its life. This incredible eco-lodge is separated from Mount Kilimanjaro by a 20 mile stretch of wilderness. The lodge occupies breathtaking scenery that brings together the time-honored Maasai culture and a lot of wonderful wildlife that convey the authentic impression of African heritage. The uniqueness of the lodge makes it into one of the loveliest places in Africa.

There is so much to be admired in a camp that relies on recycled rain water and is powered by solar energy. The lodge works in partnership with the Maasai community and donates a percentage of proceeds to local preservation programs. The resort was built using local materials. Water used at the resort is collected from rain and the gray water is recycled. The water is then heated by solar panels. The food is cooked using an eco-friendly charcoal made from coffee husks.

Some readers may get the impression that the camp is a fragile experiment or some work in progress. On the contrary, the vast expanse of land that constitutes Campi Ya Kanzi is a fully established eco-lodge that thrives with activity. The systems are fully functional in ways that continue to spur other creative initiatives at the site. Such a move would help to incorporate other aspects of nature into the life of the lodge. From any elevated spots around the camp, one can easily witness the magic of the triumphant unity between man, beast, and flora. Remarkably, every effort appears to have been made to suppress the vulgar details of modernity from Campi Ya Kanzi.

It would be grossly insufficient to enumerate the glories of this eco-luxury without mentioning the immense contribution of the local Maasai community. The Maasai have a significant stake in the management of the lodge. The joint initiative has contributed to greater cooperation between the local community and other stakeholders of the lodge. The Maasai are amazing in their ability to morph into nature with admirable ease. As they walk up and down the various nooks and crannies of the camp, the Maasai contribute to the natural appeal of the eco-lodge because of their resplendent attire and traditional flourish. The element of beauty is further enhanced by the vastness of the lodge, which prevents crowding in any part of the place.

In terms of its size, geography, and aesthetics, Campi Ya Kanzi is an ideal place for the relaxation of travelers who cherish long moments of serenity. A chance to tour the place can constitute a lifetime experience for those who embrace the majesty of Africa's scenic grandeur. In many ways, the lodge embodies the gracious efforts of conservation in all its determination to end the wanton destruction of natural resources. Its emphatic flourish remains a lasting testimony of the coming of age of conservation efforts. For a long time, Kenya has struggled to put an end to human-wildlife conflict. However, the success of Campi Ya Kanzi shows that effective strategies and structures can end long-standing differences between man and beast in a way that would reclaim any piece of the deepest jungle into a spectacular natural paradise.

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