Ashley Nault - Nov 5, 2012
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Singapore has unveiled a new state-of-the-art cruise terminal. Named the Marina Bay Cruise Center Singapore, the facility is set to increase the capacity, size and volume of traffic into Singapore.

The terminal has the capacity to berth ships weighing in excess of 220,000 metric tons. Built at a cost of 500 million US dollars, the terminal was completed in May 2012 although it was until recently that it was officially opened by Singapore government officials.

The new cruise terminal enjoys many advantages over the former terminal such as deeper waters and a larger turning basin. This effectively lifts height and berth restrictions that were imposed by the geographical limitations of the previous facility thus allowing for the latest generation of cruise liners to dock. It also features exquisite ground transportation facilities and a spacious arrival/departure hall allowing for smooth movement of passengers once they are off their ships.

The terminal building itself is also an architectural marvel. It is designed in a robust geometric shape that allows viewers to see different shapes from different viewing angles.

The former terminal had become a bottleneck to Singapore's tourism industry as it could not accommodate large ships and was thus shunned by many cruise operators. By increasing its berthing capacity, the officials believe that the terminal is now set to increase passenger numbers making Singapore a prime tourist destination in Asia.

The country received 13.2 million tourists last year alone earning Sg $22.3 billion in revenue. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the CEO of the managing companies Mr. Melvin Vu said that the terminal will improve Singapore's position as tourist destination in the ASEAN region. The facility will also create up to 3000 jobs for the locals with many more indirect jobs set to be created as a result of the expected rise in tourist numbers.

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