Michael Trout - Dec 19, 2011
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Israel carries a very deep religious significance for Christians; several million tourists come there to honor that heritage every year. The new Gospel Trail will take the pilgrims in Jesus’s footsteps.

Israel presents one of the most sacred places of Christian faith. Nearly two thirds of the 3.45 million visitors who come there annually pursue Christian tourism and wish to see individual sites related to the life of Jesus Christ. This year, the government introduced yet another important magnet for Christian travelers – the Gospel Trail.

The trail is the result of a decade of meticulous research and planning, its cost reached $800,000. The investment was shared by both the government of Israel and the Jewish National Fund and hopefully the resulting trail will appeal to more Christian tourists.

It leads through northern Israel and literally follows the most important New Testament sites. It is 39 miles long and heads south from Nazareth through several Jewish and Arab towns to Capernaum, the fishing village and home base of Jesus.

The picturesque beginning at Mount Precipice reminds curious visitors of a legend of Jesus being nearly thrown off a cliff there after a sermon he held in a nearby synagogue. The route winds through the Jezreel Valley to Mount Tabor, the site of the Transfiguration. There is also a side path leading to Kfar Kana, where Jesus turned water into wine, according to the New Testament. On trail, tourists can reach the Sea of Galilee on horseback, a rather luxurious version of Jesus’s peaceful donkey.

The Government hopes to attract an additional 200,000 visitors to Israel and has made sure there are plenty of accommodation options along the route. The Gospel Trail is ready to welcome anyone longing to honor the Christian heritage.

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