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Sara Thopson - Feb 25, 2013
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Lurujarri heritage trail is a fun walk that was established 22 year ago by Paddy Row and is practiced as an annual event. Paddy Row was a law keeper in the Gooralabooloo area whose intention was to share a cultural heritage with the people in the Australian community and international visitors as well.

This gesture was to promote an understanding of taking good care of a country and staying connected. It was also a way of the residents to stay connect with their heritage and share traditional skills. The event was organized to let the people walk into their ancestral footsteps meaning it is attached to the cultural practices of the fore fathers of the land.

The trail is an 80 km walk along the coastline following a song cycle of the peoples of Jabirr, Jukun and Nguhnbarl. It is a nine day event that is led by the Goolarabooloo community. The trail runs from a park called Minyirr Cable Beach to a river by the name of Bindingakun-yellow River. It is divided into six sections with each of them providing exciting activities and fun while on the walk. The overall aim of this walk is not just to arrive at the destination but to experience a living country.

The walks are scheduled for night and day with camps along the walk. It is fun considering that you get to experience the local culture in terms of cooking or learning their language. Cooking is done on the camp fires made on the trail walks and everything is done in traditional way like bathing at the sea.

For people who are used to modern lifestyle and want to experience the traditional life the heritage trail is the place to be for holiday.

One of the features that make the walk so interesting is the fact that the footprints of the fore fathers are still visible. As you walk along the path there are interesting stories told about the places and the travelers are allowed to ask as many questions as possible. Who wouldn`t want to visit a place that is so free and friendly and that accommodates everyone? Where so many activities are involved like making bowls and boomerang, walking along the beach and dunes, camping site fires that enable socialization like story telling and more. In this day and age where most people are running away from their cultural practices, it is interesting that we still have a community that values it.

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