Ashley Nault - Jun 10, 2013
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Australia has a number of national parks with world-class status. Explore the most beautiful parks down under that are yet to be discovered by domestic and international tourists alike. Brought to you by Tourism-Review.com.

1. Washpool National Park in New South Wales

The national park is located in Washpool and Gibraltar Ranges and it measures 586.78 sq. km. Its location has boosted the growth of unique plants and animals which are worth seeing. The park is on the National Heritage List and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests.

2. Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria

It is located in Gippsland, Victoria. The park, situated 150 km from Melbourne, is a destination where several gems including stray wombats can be found. Mount Oberon is another highlight for the visitors.

3. The Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia

It is situated 485 km to the North of Perth. The landscape here is favorable for animals like the thorn devils, the western grey Kangaroos, ospreys, emus and the tammar wallaby.

4. The Brindabella National Park in New South Wales

The Brindabella National Park, which is on the National Heritage List, lies in the Brindabella Ranges that are a good breeding ground for amazing and pleasant creatures that cannot be found in various parts of the world. Despite the fact that the park is quite small in size, it measures 185 sq. km, it is a site that possess less challenges and more opportunities to travelers since it can be accessed from Canberra, 30 km to the west of the city of Car.

5. Mount William National Park in Bays of Fire, Tasmania

This 185 km2 stretch is the home of various unique creatures like the echidnas, wombat, kangaroos, bennetts wallabies among others. It borders Hobart, 235 km away, and it can be a great destination for those who want to enjoy the natural environments of the coast.

6. Carnarvon National Park in Central Queensland

This brings together a 2980 km2 chunk which possesses wonders for the visitors although some sites cannot be accessed so easily. The Carnarvon Gorge is of course a feature that every visitor would not wish to miss once here. It is the home of various cultural legacies.

7. Davenport Murchison National Park in the Northern Territory

It is located in the middle of the NT and it is approximately 1000 km to the south of Darwin. Here, find the ancient impact crater and other delights worth seeing.

8. Lake Gairdner National Park in South Australia

It is situated 400 km to the north of Adelaide. It is a site that covers an area of 5481km2 and it is the home of beautiful landscape and scenery. It has a lot in store for bird watchers, botanists and other nature enthusiasts.

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