Samuel Dorsi - May 18, 2015
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Many tourists coming to Russia as well as domestic travelers only stick to sightseeing around Moscow. However, there are unique small towns, hidden all around Moscow, that have preserved the rich cultural heritage of Russia. introduces top seven remarkable cities close to the capital worth visiting.


Tula is located 180 km south of Moscow. You can easily reach the city by train, which costs about 500 rubles (about USD10) one way. There are more than 300 objects of cultural heritage on the Tula territory including architectural monuments and works of art. The most famous Russian gingerbread and samovars are made here. Tula has long been considered one of the centers of Russian folk.


Volokolamsk is the oldest city in the Moscow region. According to the Laurentian Chronicle, the city is 12 years older than Moscow. It is 100 km west of the capital. A ticket to the Volokolamsk by train will cost about 300 rubles (about USD6) one-way. Visitors can explore local churches from 15th and 17th and the monument to the heroes of Panfilov located 5 km from Volokolamsk. About 13 km north-west of the town is the village Yaropolets known for estates of Goncharova, Count Chernyshev’s "Russian Versailles" and the first rural hydropower plants.


Vladimir is one the most interesting places of the Golden Ring, a city with a millennial history. It is located 176 km east of Moscow. It will take you about half an hour to three hours to get to Vladimir by train for 500 rubles (about USD10) one-way. The main attraction of the city are the white-stone monuments of pre-Mongolian architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Yaroslavl is located about 300 km north-east of Moscow. However, it can be reached by train from the capital for 500 rubles (about USD10). The historic center of Yaroslavl is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there are 140 monuments located on its territory. One more thing the city is known for is the embankment of the Volga.


Torzhok is located 239 km from the capital, on the way from Petergburga to Moscow. In order to get to Torzhok by train you will have to change trains in Tver. Tickets will cost 500-600 rubles (about USD10-12) one-way. The city has the status of a historic settlement. There are about 400 monuments of history and culture on its territory. Among them are Starovoznesensky church, complex of Boris and Gleb Monastery and Romanov’s traveling palace, which was used as the model for similar structures.


Kolomna is located 100 km south-east of Moscow. The trip from the capital to Kolomna and back will cost about 500 rubles (about USD10). The main attraction of the city is the Kolomna Kremlin. It is a reminder of the great history of the city and its political pretensions.


Pereslavl Zalessky

Pereslavl is located 140 km north of Moscow - in the Yaroslavl region. There is no railway in the city and it can only be reached by bus. Tickets at the full rate from Moscow will cost you 400 rubles (about USD8) one-way. The city stands on the banks of Lake Pleshcheeva and this area was given the status of national park. Amusing flotilla of Peter the Great was created here, not far from Pereslavl. Now the only surviving ship is in the local museum.

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