Best 4WD Tours in Australia and New Zealand

Michael Trout - Mar 30, 2015
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While there are many activities out there that can satisfy your thirst for the extreme, including a plethora of sports, some more popular than others, most people shy away from 4WD adventures. Either because they don't know where to go exactly, or because traveling by themselves seems dangerous.

If you decide to take a 4WD trip, you don't have to do so alone, or by stumbling blindly. All you have to do is choose from a wide selection of adventure packages. Drivers and guides, who are experts at what they do, will show you a less known facet of the world so you can witness raw and unperturbed nature at its finest.

4WD is not only about sightseeing, it's also synonymous with fast paced and fun activities. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the likes you'd only find in National Geographic magazines otherwise, and keep your adrenalin levels high with the help of extreme action. Take a look at the list of 10 best locations for 4WD adventures:

1. New Zealand's Queenstown

The trails are authentic and the roads are rugged. Queenstown is not only ideal for a 4WD adventure, but also for a beautiful history lesson. Macetown and Skippers Canyon, the old mining towns, long abandoned and now empty are on the 4WD trail, bringing a feeling of nostalgia to an otherwise rough neck of the woods.

2. Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park

Situated to the east of Darwin (the Northern Territory capital) by 120 kilometers, the Kakadu National Park is also listed as a World Heritage location. Being the size of a small country, such as Israel, El Salvador or Slovenia, the park is the largest in all of Australia. Due to its sheer size, the flora and fauna are diverse while travelers can experience breathtaking landscapes, wetlands and pockets of micro-climate that stands in contrast to Australia's mostly arid environment.

3. New South Wales' Snowy Mountains

The mountain ranges in south-eastern Australia make for a great location when on a 4WD trip. Waterways and deep gorges add to the wild aspect of the region.

4. Tasmania

To the south of Australia, this beautiful island allows for many activities beyond driving. Bushwalking, fishing and swimming are all great choices for travelers finding themselves in Tasmania.

5. Western Australia's Coral Bay

A great blend of National Parks, large rivers, clear water and headlands, Coral Bay is a feast for the eyes, placing the ones that visit it in a land of almost surreal beauty and magnitude.

6. Northern Territory's Gregory National Park

Peppered with the charming aspects of Aboriginal traditions and culture, this park is a great choice for bush camping and sightseeing.

7. Central Australia's Simpson Desert

No other place underlines contrast best. Man-made structures seem like they don't belong here. Dunes of red sand spread as far as the eyes can see and claim this part of the Outback as their own.

8. Victoria

If you're in no mood for the unwelcoming deserts, choose Victoria for a 4WD trip, though be prepared to leave the car somewhere and jump on a snowboard.

9. QLD's Cape York

The roads may seem treacherous, but the scenery and the large number of river crossings make up for the effort.

10. Western Australia: From Bullfinch to Goongarrie Station

A tour that will take you through the woodlands, lake Ballard, the Helena range and the Mount Manning Natural Reserve. The landscape and the remote locations make for a worthwhile adventure.

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