Michael Trout - Sep 25, 2022
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Tourism numbers in French Polynesia continue to rise in July 2022, reaching 96% of pre-crisis Covid numbers in July 2019.

The upturn in tourism is confirmed month after month. The Institute of Statistics in French Polynesia (ISPF) published the latest figures on tourism for the month of July 2022. In a global context of reopening of borders, recovery of international tourism activities and especially after two years of postponed stays, the number of tourists reached 24 359 in July. That is 10,000 tourists more than in full recovery from the Covid crisis in July 2021 and 96% of the numbers of July 2019 before the crisis.

French and American clientele continues to break records during the high tourist season with +28% and +17% respectively compared to 2019 numbers at the same period. North American tourists, numbering 8,700, have never been so numerous over a month of July since 2001 in French Polynesia.

The rest of the markets are gradually reopening and bringing back other travelers to the Polynesian destination: European and Pacific customers are slowly returning, with the reopening of New Zealand, reaching 80% of the 2019 numbers.

Specifically, the numbers of visitors from Australia and New Zealand are 40% and 27% lower than in 2019 respectively. They represent 960 and 500 tourists. Caledonians were represented by 540 tourists. Only Asia remains closed even during the high tourist season. On the cruise side, the so-called "floating" tourism regains its overall numbers of July 2019 with 3,889 tourists.

Finally, the PSI notes that the average length of stay for tourists remains 1.1 days higher than in July 2019, at 18.5 days.

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