Makes no sense

The US's insistence on vaccination, given the world's high levels of natural immunity and the greatly reduced severity of Covid, makes no sense. It is not supported by science. It shows they are clinging to the same old pseudo-scientific, agenda driven regulations which saw them ban effective early treatments, impose useless mask mandates for a respiratory virus, ban travel and even outside gatherings, and force small businesses to close. Severe cost for minimal benefit. These regulations had more to do with politics than science. Zimbabwe's approach is equally absurd. They still require proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test less than 48 hours old. The pandemic is over. All global markers have been on a steady decline since January. These requirements harm tourism, have zero public health benefit, and should have been dropped months ago already. In fact they should never have been issued in the first place, because travel bans and mandatory vaccination have no place in a free society, and did nothing to stop the pandemic.

Onne Vegter (South Africa)