Sara Thopson - May 22, 2017
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French Polynesia comprises hundreds of isolated islands sprinkled throughout the Pacific Ocean, offering unique and breathtaking landscapes. The islands of Polynesia are popular especially among North American, French, and Japanese tourists whose numbers are growing. In March, for instance, the region welcomed 7% more visitors than last year. Naturally, some islets are more popular than others. presents the list of the five best paradise islands of Polynesia. 

Bora Bora

It is the French Polynesia’s most renowned island and the most sought after destination for those who are looking for pure romanticism. Accommodation-wise, it is properly equipped, with luxury resorts and waterfront bungalows. One of its differentiating assets is the Blue Lake that surrounds the region. Book at least four days in order to properly enjoy the island and pack your wallet, since it is quite expensive.  


With its length of 18 km, it is one of the most visited islands of Polynesia. It is located in northeast Tahiti. Given its volcanic origin, Moorea holds some exquisite landscapes. In addition to its beaches, it also has a wide number of valleys and some bays, a peculiarity of this place. It is rightfully perfect for those who are looking for an adventure trip and you can find a vivid marine life everywhere you go. The fact that it is surrounded by a barrier reef is one of its key assets.


It is the region’s least exploited island for tourism purposes, but it is one of the world’s best places for scuba diving. The two most important islands, among the 240 islets that comprise the region, are the Avarotu and Tiputa. This destination is just perfect for those who are searching for a more bucolic and simple place, different from the luxury found on the other islands of Polynesia. For those who want to scuba dive, the Ille aux Récifs and the Le Lagon Bleu are mandatory points. 


A few kilometres away from Bora Bora, Taha’a is deemed the least developed island in Polynesia. A perfect destination for those who are looking for some peace of mind for a more affordable price. The Coral Gardens can be found there, which is the island’s main point of attraction, also nicknamed Vanilla Island, due to its plantations, which provide the place with the exquisite scent. 


The Island was bought by Marlon Brando and was recently endowed with the best luxury hotel in Polynesia, The Brando, which comprises 35 villas and can only be accessed using a private jet. The island is formed by atolls and can be found 30 miles away from Tahiti. It is a perfect destination for those who are looking for high-end exclusivity – and for those willing to invest in their vacations. 

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