Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2015

Mar 30, 2015

Dear readers

Welcome to the Spring issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine turning from monthly to quarterly format. Algeria facing a number of tourism challenges still represents a remarkable destination with sites not seen anywhere else. Open the Destination supplement to learn more. Travel insurance comes handy to any traveler, not only those heading to Algeria. The Professional part discusses safety of tourists and provides a number of tips on choosing the best travel insurance.

Adrenaline seekers should read the Adventure supplement presenting exciting 4WD tours, while music fans should go for the Heritage part focusing on the best music hotels out there. The topic of the Medical supplement are the countries that plan to develop their medical tourism seeking investments. Not everyone succeeds in this sector however. Why is that?

Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Hotels for the Music Fan

Cecilia Garland

- Mar 30, 2015

Music is for many travelers the essence of their live. A number of innovative hotels around the world are there ready to welcome music fans of various tastes. Head to Budapest, Memphis or even Jamaica for a remarkable hotel experience.

PROFESSIONAL/ Traveling Safely and Insured

Pat Hyland

- Mar 30, 2015

When traveling – stay safe. No matter if it is a business trip or family holiday on the beach, travelers should always follow a number of tips and rules to prevent any complications. Travel insurance is a must.

ADVENTURE/ Tough Travel with 4WD Tours

Samuel Dorsi

- Mar 30, 2015

Travelers seeking new adventures should try four wheel drive tours. Besides adrenaline they offer history and wilderness as well as culture. The excitement of 4WD tours is incomparable.

MEDICAL/ Investment Opportunity? Medical Tourism

Pat Hyland

- Mar 30, 2015

Medical tourism is a dynamically growing industry. Yet, the sector is full of challenges for those who want to attract great amounts of tourists. Which countries invest in medical tourism? How can they succeed?