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Music is for many travelers the essence of their live. A number of innovative hotels around the world are there ready to welcome music fans of various tastes. Head to Budapest, Memphis or even Jamaica for a remarkable hotel experience.


Best World Hotels for Music Lovers hospitality

Best World Hotels for Music Lovers

Samuel Dorsi

These days, if you are a serious lover of music, you will agree that any decent hotel comes with an iPod connector. However for a more immersive experience of music stay in hotels in which apart from delighting in the amazing sights, you will also love the music experience offered. Sunset Marquis, USA This hotel is located in Los Angeles, California. Should you want to make some music of your own, the hotel has a recording studio which is of the latest and most sophisticated technology. If sin...
Aria Hotel Budapest – 4 Wings with 4 Genres hospitality

Aria Hotel Budapest – 4 Wings with 4 Genres

Tomas Haupt

The Aria Hotel Budapest just opened in March. Located close to the Danube and Andrassy Avenue, the hotel caters to the needs of true lovers of music. The hotel has four wings that comprise of a total of fifty-three guest rooms. Each wing pays homage to a different genre of music. There is a Classical wing and an Opera wing as well as a Contemporary wing and a Jazz wing. Each wing has the décor and art as well as sound related to the music genre to which it is dedicated. The Aria Hotel has be...
Top 8 Rock and Roll Hotels in the U.S. hospitality

Top 8 Rock and Roll Hotels in the U.S.

Samuel Dorsi

Turn the music up! The rock 'n' roll hotels that are listed below will arouse the spirits of legendary musicians of both the past and the present. If an enjoyable and cool, rocking vibe is the scene you love, then why should you stay anywhere else? Andaz - West Hollywood, Calif. Overlooking the world-famous Sunset Strip, the stylish Andaz hotel is an iconic piece of rock 'n' roll history. Critically acclaimed bands including The Who and Led Zeppelin made this one-time Hyatt hotel their "home-a...
Geejam Hotel: Jamaican Sound and Modern Comfort hospitality

Geejam Hotel: Jamaican Sound and Modern Comfort

Theodore Slate

The Geejam Hotel sets itself apart from other resorts in Jamaica by managing to blend opposites but also by showcasing one of the most prevalent Jamaican cultural traits, the love for good music. Situated on the north-eastern part of the island, in close proximity to Port Antonio, the San San property is comprised of only five cottages, all of them private and all equipped with the latest available technology, providing guests with some of the highest levels of comfort. Access to broadband Wi...