Best Hotels for Music Fans around the World

Samuel Dorsi - Mar 30, 2015
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These days, if you are a serious lover of music, you will agree that any decent hotel comes with an iPod connector. However for a more immersive experience of music stay in hotels in which apart from delighting in the amazing sights, you will also love the music experience offered.

Sunset Marquis, USA

This hotel is located in Los Angeles, California. Should you want to make some music of your own, the hotel has a recording studio which is of the latest and most sophisticated technology. If singing is not your thing, the hotel has a legendary bar for you from where you can party the best way you know how. One striking thing about this hotel is the guest book filled with names of who is who in the rock-and-roll history. Make your reservation at the hotel now.

Hotel Opera, Spain

This Madrid hotel has a restaurant, a bar, sauna, a fitness facility as well as a hot tub. Music facilities are provided right in the rooms. The Royal Opera is just across the street from the Hotel Opera. This does not mean that you will have to leave the premises of the hotel for a performance. At the hotel's English-style bar, the waiters provide arias that are full-throated, along with the cocktails.

Alexis Hotel, USA

This hotel is located in Seattle, Washington. For your needs of Seattle music, it will not get any better than the ringing endorsement that the hotel's Experience Music Project Suite got from one member of the American rock band, Nirvana. The walls of the hotel are amplified by the use of classic album covers as well as blown up concert photos. This will surely add to the desire for obsessiveness of the rock music history.

Ellington Hotel, Germany

This Berlin hotel has a famous club that was frequented by so many legendary Jazz singers including Duke Ellington, during the 50s. It also has a gym that is free to use. Every evening, Jazz Radio 106.8, which is Berlin's internationally acclaimed jazz radio, sets up its studio just near the bar.

Hotel Saint Cecilia, USA

This hotel is located in Austin, Texas. Being in the vast Texan desert characterized by indie rocks, the Hotel Saint Cecilia, which was named after Cecilia, the patron saint of music and poetry, is a must-visit. Apart from the lounge and the library, it also has a vintage vinyl library that brings home the music experience.

The Setai Hotel, USA

The Setai Hotel is located in Miami, Florida. The luxurious hotel has a penthouse suite that will surely satisfy everyone – even the most demanding of divas. It also has an enormous recording studio that is fully tricked-out. In addition to the private outdoor patio, the Setai is complete with ocean views.

The Clarence, Ireland

Located on the River Liffey in Dublin the Clarence is crowned with a penthouse that is of rockstar-calliber with a baby grand piano. The hotel is owned by Bono, the lead singer and The Edge the lead guitarist, of U2. Also, the hotel has a legendary bar, a restaurant, Wi-Fi connection, a concierge desk, a gym, a safe, and room service. The hotel is usually packed with celebrities, giving the place a tone of tasteful restraint.

NHow Berlin, Germany

Located in Berlin on the banks of river Spree the NHow Berlin hotel is Europe's first music and lifestyle hotel priding itself in two professional music studios. You can book a session at either of the two studios and make your own music.

Ace Hotel New York, USA

This is one of the hotels whose atmosphere exactly feels rock-and-roll. For those of you who like old-school music, the Ace Hotel has vintage turntables and a vinyl library for you. For those of us who have gone digital, The Ace Hotel New York is fully equipped with iPod hookups as well.

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