Richard Moor - Jan 19, 2015
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Traditional hotels are trying to integrate new technologies, in order to remain in trend, improve their reputation and provide the best services to their customers for increasing the online booking rate.

The first company that has developed entirely cloud-based applications for hotels is Hetra. This firm’s software is meant to provide a new and innovative experience to the users, one that can be a representative of this era dominated by the Internet. The managing director of Hetra, Philip von Ditfurth, has declared that he considers the best technology the one that can do its job without being obvious.

Philip von Ditfurth also said that the air travel domain is a good source of inspiration, because it can make us understand that the implementation of mobile hotel check-in and room entry systems will be a common thing in 2015. The managing director is absolutely sure that the hotel sector will embrace the technologies very fast, just like it has happened in the air travel sector in the last years. Mobile check-in and board carding systems were implemented in this case. As a result, people who travel by plane can now check in for their flights using smartphones, being able to choose their seat.

In the same manner, von Ditfurth explains that hotel guests have to be able to choose their place to sleep and book a room from their smartphones. This means that hotel guests can have more control on their stay.

The managing director and owner of Hotel Prinz in Munich, Christian Dorow, has a similar opinion. He says that he tries to make the stay of his hotel guests as simple as possible, while maintaining it pleasant at the same time. With the proper technology, routine activities can be performed in a simple and elegant manner. Checking in and out is a part of the routine and the users will get the benefits. Christian Dorow is a customer of Hetras since the year 2013. He says this has helped his staff to be free and deal with every guest in an improved manner.

There are three main trends predicted for 2015. The first one is related to mobile hotel check-in and room entry systems. The second one refers to booking standard services from smartphones: room services, conference rooms, gym, etc. This will be possible for the guests of traditional hotels, as the new generation of hotels already have this feature. The third trend is the replacement of huge monolithic systems with lean applications that have intelligent interfaces.

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